Thunder Birdo vs Ramrod

Suggested by Sonic Thunder Birdo is a pretty cool fighter, but there’s no way he will last long against Ramrod here. Ramrod has gone toe to toe with Captain Marvel and Spider-Man in the past. Thunder Birdo’s attacks likely won’t do almost any real damage to him. On the other side, Ramrod could probably down the villain with a quick punch or two. The gap in their abilities is huge and it’s just hard to win in a fight that is so lopsided. Ramrod wins.

Ramrod vs Neuro

Suggested by Sonic Ramrod’s a guy with suped up strength and durability. Effectively he’s a really good super soldier to the point where he was able to get some good hits on Captain Marvel. The guy’s a fighter so I’ll give him some credit there. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take down someone like Neuro. Neuro is also super strong but one major advantage he has is that he can also transform and has various demon tools at his disposal. Ramrod would quickly be overwhelmed by these demonic abilities and doesn’t have enough variety of his own to counter. Neuro wins.

Captain Marvel vs Ramrod

Ramrod may be pretty powerful in terms of physical strength, but that won’t be enough to stop Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel can fly and I would still go for him if this was a boxing match. He’s no pushover in the power department either and his durability is much greater. Ramrod is just outmatched and he drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Captain Marvel wins.

Rem Ram vs Ramrod

Ramrod is back after being gone from the blog for a long time. He was able to land a good hit on Captain Marvel and he’s fought with guys like Spiderman so we can’t doubt his power. Rem Ram is tough as well, but he’s not really a fighter. He can fight, but his psi abilities are best for tactical purposes. He just won’t stand a chance here. Ramrod wins.