Drax the Destroyer vs Orion

Suggested by JHG195 Orion is a powerful DC fighter and one who has gone up against Superman in the past in a pretty even fight. His stats across the board are all very impressive. Meanwhile Drax is a fighter who started out very impressive but got steadily weaker as the years went on. By the modern comics he is now very weak, but this fight is counting both fighters at their peak. At his absolute strongest Drax makes this a real fight since he used to go up against Silver Surfer and Thor. The main thing that keeps Orion ahead is his reaction times and combat speed. He would be able to overwhelm Drax in hand to hand combat and his strength would finish the fight. Orion wins.

2 thoughts on “Drax the Destroyer vs Orion

  1. In a way Drax is practically the Marvel equivalent of Orion. Both were born to be designated arch enemies to the ultimate threats of their respective universes, Drax to Thanos and Orion to Darkseid. Both are also known for violent outbursts. Finally, both even have prominent membership in superhero teams: Guardians of the Galaxy and Justice League.

    • That makes sense, they definitely do have a lot of similarities. I think part of why Orion was always cooler to me is that he always seemed like a threat to Darkseid, at least a bit. Thanos seemed like he never took Drax seriously after Drax got his new design and power nerf

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