Charmcaster vs Shanoa

Suggested by iKnowledge Charmcaster and Shanoa are both pretty talented. In their base forms I’d argue that they’re about even with Shanoa possibly taking the lead. That being said, Charmcaster came into possession of the Alpha Rune which augmented her abilities. In that form her pure power would be able to break through Shanoa’s spells. Charmcaster will pepper her with energy blasts and psychic shields and definitely would have the edge in stamina by the end of that. Charmcaster wins.

Charmcaster vs Misty

Suggested by iKnowledge Charmcaster is a talented spellcaster even if she does tend to be lacking in confidence. She can teleport which will make it hard for Misty’s Pokemon to land a direct hit, but they will still be able to do so with just a little patience. They have her outnumbered and she doesn’t have any spells that can directly take on an army of creatures. Misty has all of the advantages here and will be able to win as long as she plays it smart. Misty wins.