Irene Belserion vs Bass

Irene is a powerful mage whose abilities were so impressive that the heroes were getting completely defeated by her. Only luck allowed the heroes to prevail. Bass won’t need to rely on that though, he’s perfectly capable of winning this match on his own. He once beat 100 enemies in a fraction of a second. A guy who can do that can really do just about anything when he puts his mind to it. Bass wins.

Irene Belserion vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by iKnowledge Irene is a powerful mage and one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters in existence. She was wiping the floor with everyone she fought and Wonder Woman won’t be able to turn the tables here. Irene’s magic pressure is so dense that even approaching will be tough for WW. Wonder Woman has a very high level of strength and speed on her side, bur Irene is very durable. I’d say that Wonder Woman’s speed will be her best asset here since that isn’t Irene’s specialty, but ultimately it won’t be enough to overcome Irene’s other advantages. Irene Belserion wins.

Shanoa vs Irene Belserion

Suggested by iKnowledge Irene is an incredibly powerful mage who possesses abilities far beyond imagination. Shanoa has impressive spells of her own like bolts of destruction, but they are in different leagues. Irene can use her Dragon Slaying abilities to eliminate Shanoa in a single blow. Her speed would allow Irene to get past Shanoa’s guard and one powerful punch/slash would end things here. Shanoa will need some considerable power ups in order to gain the upper hand. Irene Belserion wins.