Draco Malfoy vs Lan

Suggested by Megapot Network Lan is a pretty tough kid. He was able to learn Crossfusion with ease and that also multiplied his abilities many times over. He became a global threat at least when it comes to sheer power. Draco would probably have a tough time destroying a mountain in comparison. Couple that with Lan’s speed and there just isn’t any way for Draco to keep it close. The kid is doomed. Lan wins.

Draco Malfoy vs Dex

Suggested by Megapot Draco is one of those bullies who really goes all out when trying to make his victims miserable. That being said, he is only reasonably skilled and Harry Potter quickly surpassed him. Dex may not be as athletic or talented as Draco, but he does have his Full Synchro at the ready and with Gutsman he quickly jumps to a whole different league of power. Draco just won’t be able to keep up with him. Dex wins.

Cut Man vs Draco Malfoy

Cut Man is back and he’s up against Draco! Draco may have some magical ability, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Cut Man. Cut Man has his super speed and strength and he’s an incredibly deadly robot. One hit is enough to stop many opponents! Cut Man wins.

Draco Malfoy vs Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy always tried to bully Harry Potter. Potter usually let him because he’s a Hero….Of course he manned up later on, once he realized that being tough is beter than being roughed. Draco Malfoy is tough, but Harry proved who the stronger fighter was. Harry has the better aim, the better experience, and the better wand. In the end Draco Malfoy was just utterly surpassed by Harry! Harry Potter wins.