Suzuko Homura vs Ruko Kominato

Suzuko Homura is a very talented LRig fighter. After Ruko you could make a case for her being right up there although it’s probably better to put her top 5 than in second. Still, while her knowledge as a player may potentially be Ruko’s equal (Likely slightly lower) the difference in their LRigs is key. Tama is one of the strongest to ever be put into the game and even got a super form augmenting her abilities further. Suzuko won’t be able to overcome that gap and if necessary Ruko can play her LRig of Darkness as well which further tips the scales in her favor. Ruko Kominato wins.

Ruko Kominato vs Lan

Ruko and Lan are both talented fighters who enjoy battling with their partner. That said, Ruko rarely gets to actually have fun dueling due to the stakes while Lan has always made sure to have a ton of fun. When you put it all into perspective, his combat experience is just far greater. Ruko will have a difficult time keeping up with him at all. Lan will be able to end this as soon as he crossfuses. A single blast will be able to do the trick in Hubstyle. Lan wins.

Ruko Kominato vs Tory

Tory’s a nice kid but he never really honed his skills with Iceman. As a result he very quickly became one of the weakest characters in the series and he simply doesn’t have the will to really stay in the game. He wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot against Ruko and Tama. Tama would be able to crush Iceman with ease. A fight between Ruko and Tory themselves would be close but Tama will then finish Tory off before they’ve fought for long. Her hand to hand skills are just way better than Tory’s. Ruko Kominato wins.