Tory vs Akira Aoi

Akira Aoi is a pretty talented fighter and one of her particular skills is knowing how to get in her opponent’s head. I have to admit that she would probably be able to do this with no real effort against Tory. Tory’s not great about standing up for himself and that’s going to catch up to him very quickly here. His Iceman will ultimately be powerless to stop Akira and being distracted during a fight only hurts your chances. There’s just no stopping an opponent like this. Akira Aoi wins.

Ruko Kominato vs Tory

Tory’s a nice kid but he never really honed his skills with Iceman. As a result he very quickly became one of the weakest characters in the series and he simply doesn’t have the will to really stay in the game. He wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot against Ruko and Tama. Tama would be able to crush Iceman with ease. A fight between Ruko and Tory themselves would be close but Tama will then finish Tory off before they’ve fought for long. Her hand to hand skills are just way better than Tory’s. Ruko Kominato wins.

Tory vs Gallade

Tory has Iceman who’s a strong netnavi when he wants to be. Of course the question is, Can he beat Gallade? Iceman has battle chips which can do a variety of things, but Gallade is more of a fighter and can defeat Iceman in a fair fight. So after a lot of thought Gallade takes this match. Gallade wins.