Fiora vs Aizen

Fiora is a powerful fighter and she got a good amount of power ups in Xenoblade Chronicles. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on the mastermind known as Aizen. Not just yet anyway. Aizen will still be able to speedblitz all day without any effort needed and his power is through the roof. There is nothing within the Xenoblade verse that would be able to overtake him. Aizen wins.

Musa vs Fiora

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of versatile fighters here. Musa can use her magic in a lot of different ways like with her energy blasts and sonic attacks but ultimately that won’t be enough to stop Fiora. Fiora’s armor can block most attacks and her overall combat abilities like strength and speed will just be too much for Musa. Musa’s firepower just can’t keep up and ultimately she will go down. Fiora wins.