Aizen vs Esdeath

One look at Aizen’s monster form is enough to remind everyone who the victor here is. Even without Aizen’s array of illusions, he’s physically more than a match for Esdeath as he surpasses her in speed and power. She really never stood a chance here and Aizen even has the edge in intelligence which makes this even more of a blowout. This was a tough pair of matches from Esdeath, we’ll see if she can bounce back from this. Aizen wins.

9 thoughts on “Aizen vs Esdeath

  1. Who in his right mind would put THAT form of Aizen against Esdeath? He is multiple tiers ahead of her in terms of pretty much everything. Base Grimmjow or Initial Bankai Ichigo can take her down with low difficulty.

  2. In evolved form, I bet Aizen would instantly kill Esdeath. However, in a slim chance, if Esdeath can kill Aizen before he reaches his perfect form, she could win.

    • Without perfect form it definitely gets tricky for Aizen. Esdeath would have to try and see through his illusions though since those are also fairly overpowered and tough to deal with

      • Oh I forgot he has illusion powers. I think if I know Esdeath, if somehow she gets stuck in his illusion and ends up killing her allies, she could probably still fight. She has the survival of the fittest look.

      • True, Esdeath’s allies better watch out since with her blinding speed they probably wouldn’t be able to block in time if they weren’t expecting the hit

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