Neferpitou vs Wonder Woman

Suggested by mmx14 Wonder Woman is a very powerful fighter who has solid speed and power stats but in this case that will not be enough. Neferpitou is just too much of a savage fighter and the nen abilities at play here will throw Wonder Woman for a loop. Ultimately her combat skills would not be enough to get past Pitou’s defenses and it’s fair to say that Pitou’s reaction times may be even better than WW’s. Neferpitou wins.

15 thoughts on “Neferpitou vs Wonder Woman

  1. Thank you and i agree pitou well destroy wonder woman in fact pitou can solo the justice league anywey can you do wonder woman vs superman

    • Yeah Pitou’s just way too powerful. It’s hard to see anyone stopping this fighter from that group.

      Wonder Woman and Superman already battled though. Superman won that one

      • Wonder woman beated superman more she defeated him 8 times in the comics but superman only defeated her 1 time

      • That’s true but he’s got the edge in raw stats so as long as he doesn’t hold back that should be game over. She would have a hard time trying to stop him

  2. But in 1 of the comics he didn’t hold back because he thought she killed his wife and guess what wonder woman defeated and she said she was holding back

  3. What? She beat him when he was going all out and he want to kill her even with all of that she still defeated him when he was not holding back and she said she was holding back because she doesn’t want to kill him so she was holding back and superman was not and she still beat him i don’t see superman winning against holding back wonder woman because she already beat when she is holding back and he is not what make you think he can beat her at her full power

    • Superman’s just way too powerful. Look…I like Wonder Woman. In fact, I would go as far as to say that she’s a really cool character but Superman is the pinnacle of strength. He won’t be going down to just about anyone. That’s why he is DC’s mascot character. He wins in all stats

  4. Ok let’s end the superman vs wonder woman debate
    Strength:wonder woman superman himself stated she is physical superior to him
    Speed:wonder woman she moved so fast she get out the speed force while superman stucked in it
    Combat speed:wonder woman she can keep up with reverse flash combat speed but superman couldn’t
    Reaction speed:wonder woman she react to full speed reverse flash but superman couldn’t
    Durability:wonder woman she tanked phantom strenger attacks while superman can’t take hits from darkseid for so long
    Experience:wonder woman shouldn’t be debate she is 5000+ years old
    Skills:wonder woman shouldn’t be debate
    Fighting style:wonder woman
    Haxs:wonder woman
    Who beat the other more:wonder woman
    Iq:wonder woman 5000+ years old and she is smarter than zues
    Battle iq:wonder woman
    Less weakness:wonder woman batman stated she has no weakness
    Feats:wonder woman she defeated the darkest knight and
    14-1 wonder woman wins low to mid dif

    • I give this to Superman in most of these. I agree that Wonder Woman wins in hand to hand combat but Superman wins in the rest. Remember that Superman once sneezed an entire solar system out of the way. Not even Wonder Woman can do that because the feat is absolutely crazy. I be trying to tell you, she is strong but not Superman strong

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