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Celia vs Tifa

Suggested by iKnowledge Celia is a tricky mermaid who is always determined. I’m sure that she could potentially win a verbal disagreement with Tifa if she kept at it. When it comes to combat though, I don’t think that Celia is in the same league. Tifa has various elemental skills at her disposal along with just naturally being faster and stronger than Celia. She won’t even need her limit break to win. Tifa wins.

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Celia vs Crocodile Dundee

This is sadly a close fight. Celia has magical abilities, but they seem to all be defensive like shape shifting or letting people breathe in water. Her abilities grow while under water, but how useful would she be above it? Crocodile Dundee is a comedy character from his movie trilogy and he’s not much of a fighter, but still has normal human adult level strength. For now, I’m going to give Celia the slight edge as her magic’s gotta count for something and at the very least she can use it in reverse to make Crocodile Dundee be aqua compatible and then in a battle of the water fighters, Celia would have the edge. Celia wins.

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Celia vs Ursula

It’s a double debut as these two water fighters enter the blog. Celia’s a mermaid with a decent amount of magical ability, but she’s facing a foe who has water mastery at a high level. Ursula can alter her size and shoots large blasts of Thunder. She also has fire and water blasts, but against a fellow aqua fighter, the thunder is what will be fatal. Celia has no defense against such an attack and since both of them prefer to fight in the water, it will make the thunder blast a lot harder to dodge. Celia is quick, but she simply isn’t quick enough. Ursula wins.