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Pac Man vs Mr Game and Watch

Suggested by Destroyer Mr Game and Watch has a lot of forms at his disposal and he uses his 2D form to great effect. That being said, Pac Man’s definitely got the edge in this battle. His array of fruits and objects will make him more than a match for Game and Watch. A good fireball from his fire mode will also do the trick. Game and Watch is versatile like Pac Man, but simply lacks power. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Olimar

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man has had many different power ups and super forms over the years. Olimar has no tricks up his sleeve that will give him any cause to worry. Pac Man’s been around the block a few times so to speak. He’s definitely able to dodge a few Pikmin that are thrown at him and he has enough strength to completely overwhelm Olimar in a fist fight. One electric bell and it’s game over. Pac Man wins.

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William Stryker vs Pac Man
Suggested by Sonic William Stryker is a reasonable hand to hand fighter and he has some good tech. That won’t be enough to stop someone like the Pac though. Pac Man has many different power ups that he has obtained over the years. He will be able to keep William busy with many different projectiles and his golden mode should help to protect him from William’s attacks to a certain extent. It may not make him invincible but he will become extremely hard to damage. Pac Man wins.

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Link vs Pac Man

Suggested by Sonic Pac Man is a video game icon who is well known and loved by fans all around the globe. He has a lot of fruits at his disposal, but none that would be able to get past Link’s shield. Link has a lot of endurance and raw power behind his sword swings so once he gets close to Pac Man then the match will be over. Nothing can block or survive the Master Sword! Link wins.

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Kiva vs Pac Man

Requested by Someone Pac Man is a skilled fighter, but that being said, this wasn’t as much of a blowout as with some of the other Smash characters. Pac Man is strong, but he doesn’t have a huge defense against Kiva. Kiva’s the better hand to hand fighter and his speed will let him dodge Pac Man’s projectiles. It’s a good thing that Pac Man has his golden form and his super forms from the new show to combine with the other power ups over the years. He takes a narrow win over Kiva this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this match was overturned someday. The difference in abilities is quite close this time. Pac Man wins.

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Papa Lazarou vs Pac Man

Papa Lazarou is back, but he won’t be able to fend off the Pacster! When it’s Pac Time, all opponents want to get as far away from the fight as possible. It’s simply hard to deal with such a threat. Pac Man can throw his fruits/keys around and most opponents won’t be able to react quickly enough to stop these abilities. I’m afraid that Papa Lazarou is simply outmatched. Pac Man wins.

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Ms Pac Man vs Pac Man

Ms Pac Man is back, but she’s up against the Pac! Pac Man was in Super Smash Bros, which proves that he is a very formidable adversary. It is hard to picture Ms Pac Man actually defeating him in a fight. After all, Pac Man has gone up against foes like Mario and Sonic in the past! That’s some huge bragging rights and his hand to hand experience should grant him victory. Pac Man wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Pac Man

PacMan Pit
Howard Aguello has a gun and he’s not afraid to use it, but that still doesn’t equal a victory against Pac Man. Pac Man will use everything at his disposal to win this round and that includes his nice array of fruits. One good attack from his key should keep Howard down for the count. The criminal just wasn’t prepared for this kind of power! Pac Man wins.

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Alex Hopper vs Pac Man

Alex Hopper may have seen some success in the Battleship film, but now he’s up against a real alien. Pac Man’s supernatural abilities seem to have no limit as he invents a new form with each berry that he consumes. The classic Pac Man didn’t even need berries as various switches and fruits would give him new abilities. One good hit from Pac Man’s shockwave attack should send Alex flying. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs II Piantissimo

PacMan Pit
II Piantissimo is a tough opponent to defeat, but he still won’t be much of a challenge for Pac Man. Pac Man has eaten many opponents in the past and he has mastered the elements. A single blast from his fire or ice form should knock the fight out of II Piantissimo and Pac Man’s wide array of attacks will keep the racer guessing. Pac Man earns himself yet another win and I doubt that we’ve seen the last of him. Pac Man wins.