Rainbow Dash vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer The Crazy Bus is back but what can he hope to do against Rainbow Dash? Dash has unbelievable speed at her disposal and some general fighting ability. When you put that into consideration, the Crazy Bus is really out of luck here. At the end of the day you can only drive so fast. Dash will be speedblitzing Crazy Bus with ease and a few supersonic tackles ought to finish the job here. Game over for the bus. Rainbow Dash wins.

Jirass vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer I like the Crazy Bus. It may not have been a character that appeared in too many Arthur episodes but it had a lot of charisma and personality. The Crazy Bus clearly went mad a long time ago but continues to drive people around. If that isn’t dedication then I don’t know what is! That being said, Jirass definitely still has the edge here. That amount of raw power really can’t be messed with. I’d like to see the Crazy Bus try and stop Jirass but it’s just not going to happen. Jirass wins.

Pac Man vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer The Crazy Bus lives up to his name. He’s really all over the place and isn’t afraid to fight a little outside the box. Pac Man will have to keep his wits about him here, but ultimately I don’t think his victory will ever be in doubt. Crazy Bus is strong, but not strong enough to bump off such a powerful fighter like Pac. Pac Man won’t even need his elemental super forms to win this one. Pac Man wins.

Crazy Bus vs Godzilla

Crazy Bus is a realy likable character and his courage is matched only by his skill as a driver. That being said, no bus can really stand up to the might of Godzilla. He’s just too powerful at this point and whole buildings would tremble in his presence. This has been a pretty good day for the mighty Kaiju and it’s not over yet! Godzilla wins.

Mary Moo Cow vs Crazy Bus

The final fight of the arc. Originally I thought Crazy Bus had this in the bag, but after reading up on Mary Moo Cow I think she takes the win. Crazy Bus could try to ram her, but she could jump to the side and break him. Crazy Bus ends the arc on a loss, but one day he’ll be back. Mary Moo Cow wins.

Crazy Bus vs Dark Bunny

Dark Bunny is back for another win. Crazy Bus is hardcore, but he lacks the power that Dark Bunny has. Dark Bunny could break Crazy Bus after a lot of dodging. Dark Bunny has no more matches left in the arc and may not be back for a while. Of course Crazy bus still has one more match to fight. Dark Bunny wins.

Crazy Bus vs Bionic Bunny

Crazy Bus doesn’t have enough power to defeat Bionic Bunny. Bionic Bunny can fly, has super speed, and has super strength. Crazy Bus can drive pretty fast, but he still doesn’t have enough skills to take on Bionic Bunny. Bionic Bunny gets another win and rises in the blog. Bionic Bunny wins.