King Ghidorah vs Hammer Head

Suggested by Destroyer Hammer Head is reasonably strong but he has no main long range abilities which is what hurts him here. In a battle against a Kaiju, having speed and long range options is always your best bet at victory. Without either of those attributes then simple strength is not going to cut it. I don’t see Hammer Head being able to do a whole lot here and while he is durable, he would eventually go down to those energy blasts. King Ghidorah wins.

Hammer Head vs Gregar

Hammer Head is back. His gun skills should be noted, but they won’t do anything in this match. Gregar has abilities that are just too powerful. He can destroy whole planets with a single blast! His power is off the charts! Hammer Head drops in the rankings, but he won’t be missed. Gregar wins.

Gon vs Hammer Head

Hammer Head’s head is so powerful it’s dealed Spiderman some heavy blows. Sadly for him he can’t take out Gon with it. Gon’s already been with by many people with vast strength. Hammer Head hasn’t really fought many potent beings. Gon’s super form would take him out in seconds but he won’t need it. Gon wins.