Blue Knight vs Miss Yuri

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close one. The Blue Knight should be far more powerful than Yuri based on his status as one of the Kings, but he hasn’t really gotten to fight a whole lot. We’ve seen him use his defense such as when he blocked Haruyuki a few times but speed is really the issue here. Yuri’s got him beat in that department but it’s hard to see her piercing his defenses. As a result I would still give the Knight the edge here but it’s not the blowout you may think it is. Blue Knight wins.

Miss Yuri vs Bellatrix

Suggested by Megapot Miss Yuri is a mysterious figure who was granted super human abilities from Duo. This made her stronger and faster than the average person. Bellatrix won’t be able to land any hits on Yuri which definitely means that she has no way of winning this confrontation. Yuri also has cross fusion which she can use if necessary, but that isn’t likely. Miss. Yuri wins.

Princess Pride vs Miss Yuri

Princess Pride is back, but she’s not quite as tough as Miss Yuri. Miss Yuri’s cross fusion is stronger and faster. Princess Pride may be rich, but money can’t save her now. She drops in the blog ranks after this loss, but maybe she’ll be back soon. Miss Yuri rises with this win. Miss Yuri wins.

Miss Yuri vs Ms Claus

Miss Yuri has Spikeman to help her in case of a hard battle. Against someone like Ms Claus she doesn’t need Spikeman. Miss Yuri has better hand to hand skills than Miss Yuri and could take her down. Miss Yuri gets a win and moves up in the blog while Ms Claus sinks even lower into the blog. Miss Yuri wins.