Blue Knight vs Miss Yuri

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close one. The Blue Knight should be far more powerful than Yuri based on his status as one of the Kings, but he hasn’t really gotten to fight a whole lot. We’ve seen him use his defense such as when he blocked Haruyuki a few times but speed is really the issue here. Yuri’s got him beat in that department but it’s hard to see her piercing his defenses. As a result I would still give the Knight the edge here but it’s not the blowout you may think it is. Blue Knight wins.

Blue Knight vs Boogeyman

Suggested by Sonic The Blue Knight is a powerful fighter in Accel World. He is one of the commanders and likely has enough power to even give Black Lotus a run for her money. We haven’t seen a whole lot from him as of yet, but his physical attacks would shatter Boogetman in a single blow. All that horor icon has going for him are some enhanced stats and that just won’t be enough to win here. Blue Knight wins.

Blue Knight vs James Bond

James Bond is a professional agent and he has a gun, but it definitely won’t be enough to stop the Blue Knight. The Blue Knight is a lot better in combat and his speed is superior to James Bond’s. James Bond just doesn’t have any way to deal any meaningful damage in this battle. Blue Knight wins.

Blue Knight vs Bass

Accel World - 06 - Large 03
Bass is the strongest being in all of media and one good shot is all that he needs to take the Blue Knight down. The Blue Knight is a very cool fighter and he’s decently tough as well, but this is Bass that we’re talking about. One solid Darkness Overload is all that he needs to take down just about anyone. Bass wins.

Blue Knight vs One Above All

The Blue Knight makes his blog debut! He’s definitely a very cool character and while we have not seen many of his abilities yet, I’m positive that he could destroy the One Above All. The One Above All lacks the techniques needed to deal any damage to the Blue Knight. The Blue Knight has started his blog career with a win, but can he keep it up? Blue Knight wins.