Blue Knight vs Boogeyman

Suggested by Sonic The Blue Knight is a powerful fighter in Accel World. He is one of the commanders and likely has enough power to even give Black Lotus a run for her money. We haven’t seen a whole lot from him as of yet, but his physical attacks would shatter Boogetman in a single blow. All that horor icon has going for him are some enhanced stats and that just won’t be enough to win here. Blue Knight wins.

Headless Horseman vs Boogeyman

This is a pretty close battle. Neither one of these combatants is known as a high tier fighter and while Boogeyman has some superhuman strength, the Headless Horseman has his famous axe. Boogeyman rises up the blog ranks with this win, but this was definitely a close battle. It’s always good to have that extra bit of strength to help you win the match. Boogeyman wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Boogeyman

Freddy Krueger is back and he’s up against…The Boogeyman! The Boogeyman is a pretty scary fighter and he has some pretty good super strength at his disposal. It won’t be enough in this round, but at least the Boogeyman put up a fight. Freddy Krueger can extend his claws and slash his way to victory. Freddy Krueger wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Boogeyman

The Boogeyman has some pretty intense super strength, but it won’t be a match for Jason’s X form. His strength is also amped up and he’s more of a fighter. Give Jason a hockey stick and he’s a solid threat to any fighter. The Boogeyman may have lost his first match on the blog, but he’ll be back. Jason Voorhees wins.