Android 18 vs Faker

Faker is fast and powerful but she’s not quite ready to take on this android just yet. Android 18’s power is in a completely different league as she could end the planet in an instant. Faker’s sword will have a hard time dealing any damage and the speed advantage is no small thing either. There’s no path to victory here. Android 18 wins.

Cassie Cage vs Faker

Cassie is a strong hand to hand fighter but she’s definitely out of her depth here. Faker has more speed and power at her disposal by a long shot. Cassie will barely be able to react to her moves, much less counter them. Faker will have the advantage at every turn and Cassie doesn’t really have any abilities or equipment that would allow her to land any counter attacks. Faker wins.

Faker vs Yuri Otani

Yuri Otani has a great automatic defense but ultimately that won’t be enough to tangle with Faker. Faker’s speed is enough to block all of Otani’s most powerful attacks and Faker can counter with her own moves. Yuri’s just lacking in the combat experience and overall abilities that you would need to fight a servant/pseudo servant class fighter here. Faker wins.