Faker vs Yuri Otani

Yuri Otani has a great automatic defense but ultimately that won’t be enough to tangle with Faker. Faker’s speed is enough to block all of Otani’s most powerful attacks and Faker can counter with her own moves. Yuri’s just lacking in the combat experience and overall abilities that you would need to fight a servant/pseudo servant class fighter here. Faker wins.

Akira Takaoka vs Yuri Otani

Akira Takaoka may have been sent in to take down an octopus type creature but he never showed that he could handle a supernatural creature like that. Otani’s creature isn’t quite as powerful as Koro-sensei but I don’t doubt that it would make quick work out of him. Takaoka’s pure strength isn’t nearly enough for him to take Otani out. None of his attacks would even get past her barriers so that would be game over. Yuri Otani wins.