Cassie Cage vs Faker

Cassie is a strong hand to hand fighter but she’s definitely out of her depth here. Faker has more speed and power at her disposal by a long shot. Cassie will barely be able to react to her moves, much less counter them. Faker will have the advantage at every turn and Cassie doesn’t really have any abilities or equipment that would allow her to land any counter attacks. Faker wins.

Cassie Cage vs Arrowette

Suggested by iKnowledge Arrowette is an incredible athlete who is certainly world class but that won’t be quite enough to win in this round. Here’s why, Cassie is able to manipulate energy to buff her normal attacking power. That already makes her a very dangerous threat but throw in her natural hand to hand expertise as well and that’s a wrap. I don’t see Arrowette being able to do a whole lot in this fight. Arrows can’t beat guns. Cassie Cage wins.