Android 18 vs Diano

This match wasn’t quite as difficult as the last two once I had completed them, but it was still a tricky match all the same. Android 18 can easily blow up planets and her speed is at a high level so it will be tough for Diano to challenge her. I am confident that Diano could easily planet bust as well and her speed shouldn’t be underestimated, but Android 18 is simply the stronger fighter. Taking on Super Saiyan Vegeta is already a pretty incredible feat on its own. Android 18 will be able to claim victory in this round and rise up the blog ranks. Android 18 wins.

83 thoughts on “Android 18 vs Diano

      • That’s harder to describe, but, just about everyone from Raditz level and up is FTL. Once you can move extremely fast for short distances so that you have energy surrounding one’s self or the black lines that feel like teleporting, then you have reached the FTL world. It doesn’t work in every case of course, but that’s essentially how I came to that conclusion

      • Black lines and energy do not work even in this case to show that someone is faster than light. In my opinion, character from Dragon Ball Z are massively hypersonic, but not nearly relativistic.

      • It’s true that those two factors don’t always equal FTL speeds, but I don’t see Raditz as being merely hypersonic. Of course, such things are always up for debate. Since Hypersonic is between supersonic and light speed, I don’t recall placing many characters in that area. Usually, they’re either light speed like Naruto or just supersonic like Rodan. Beet from Beet may be hypersonic, but a case can also be made for lightspeed

      • I disagree. None of them are near light speed.
        It’s not your job as a fan to surpass the creators, It’s your job to give accurate abilities of characters and maintain objectivity.

      • Think of it as more of a free donation as opposed to a duty. Sometimes it is necessary to surpass the creators. I do always say that the blog has a 100% accuracy policy so I definitely aim to stay objective and firm as I give an impartial list of a character’s abilities. That being said, just about all DBZ fighters are massively FTL

      • I definitely disagree…but I guess that’s the point. Raditz is immensely powerful and it’s why people say that he could beat the Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece universes teaming up. He’s simply too fast and too powerful. How is he not massively FTL?

      • He’s never done anything requiring the speed of light to accomplish, which is required by your blog, and the only reason anyone ever says that he is faster than light is because of a dub error, which also does not qualify as a demonstrated feat anyway.
        I am also not convinced that he could defeat everyone in those universes.
        Is a visible aura and thick black lines also the reason that you say that Megaman.exe and Bass.exe are faster than light, or did they do things that are only possible with faster than light travel?

      • If you knew how many times I’d gone through Bass and the FTL debate…you’d know that I’ve got the scans at the ready 😎 (In an unrelated feat, I finally got the Lounge to admit that Bass is FTL. Back on topic)

        Protoman and Megaman being Terra Class

        As for Bass being FTL, that’s where things get epic!

        I never get tired of that scan and I highly recommend the manga. By the end of the series (Note how that’s only volume 3!) the characters are easily DBZ level and beyond. Beyond that, it’s also the best drawn manga that I’ve ever seen. The artist should have gotten an award.

        Well, Raditz did dodge energy blasts, which are light speed. (Not that I buy that argument much anyway) I’d say that he is almost just through power scaling. Goku and Tien were fighting at supersonic speeds in Dragon Ball and Goku’s power level might have been 100-200. Here, Goku’s was around 500 and Raditz has 1000. Raditz was easily speedblitzing him and I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be FTL. He had the speed lines to back him up, but it’s not all that he had. The aura does help a lot though

    • Yeah that’s fine… That’s the same as piccolo’s hyperbole, though. Even if they are light speed, I’m not impressed by that, because as far as I know, they are fighting in cyberspace, where they have no true mass. Can they do anything in the physical world?

      And what about Raditz? What did he do besides have someone say that he’s that fast in a dub error?

      • It isn’t hyperbole because Megaman and Protoman are Terra class and can are definitely at light speed levels. Cyberspace and real world are equal in the manga.

        As for Raditz, isn’t the power scaling and energy blast feat enough for him? I can think of a specific action if you want

      • Well, breaking out of Goku’s grip is a good feat, but not really a speed one. The games have him going at great speeds, but that is more along the mechanics line. Energy blasts have been said to be light speed, but it’s an argument that I don’t always agree with. Raditz was speedblitzing Goku and Piccolo at once and that takes massive amounts of speed. At that point, those two were likely already in the hypersonic range and maybe higher supersonic at best. It would basically take lightspeed to stop them

    • I don’t feel like you appreciate the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound. The Speed of sound is about 350 meters per second, and the speed of light is about 300,000,000 meters per second.
      Hypersonic is defined as at least five times the speed of sound.
      So even if Raditz was 100 times faster than Goku and Piccolo, and the two of them were five times the speed of sound, he still wouldn’t be even one one-thousanth of the speed of light.

      I like Snake Way as a feat, because Goku had to travel it in its entirety in a limited amount of time, so it makes for good speed computations and comparisons.

      • It is a pretty big gap between them in science terms, but anime like to jump between them pretty quickly. It’s why Hypersonic is typically skipped altogether or just not around for very long. Goku and Piccolo were going at incredible speeds and they couldn’t even react to his blows at times. 100 times faster than them is a real possibility and the outcome did involve a lot of plot hax. I just don’t see why Raditz would not be lightspeed. Hypersonic would seem like I was selling him short. I do believe that there always could be the chance that he is just high end hypersonic, but light speed just seems more likely

        Snake Way is interesting thanks to the DBZ filler where he fought battles along the way. It’s just debatable how hard he was running since he wouldn’t want to tire himself out. That being said, it was a great feat and I wish that Toriyama could have provided more instead of backtracking with the 40 tons plot hole.

      • You would not be selling him short by saying that he is high-end hypersonic Even that is a bit much. Light speed would be ridiculous for him.

        After Training with King Kai, Goku was much faster, and was able to travel back in about two days without stopping. Even so, 1,000,000 kilometers in two days is still not nearly the speed of light. In fact, that is still only about 16 times the speed of sound, So Radtiz has to be slower than that.

      • Two days from Snakeway. Was that in the manga because I don’t remember the two days and if so, then I would imagine that Goku would stop for naps and snacks. After taining with King Kai, Goku was already easily past the FTL limits and that’s not counting Kaio Ken. I agree that Raditz is much slower than that Goku, but light speed isn’t even an issue at that point. Goku had already surpassed those limits so that’s what makes the Raditz debate so interesting

      • You haven’t given any reason as to why you think that any of them are faster than light. You only say that they are, and that because they are, they can beat other universes’ characters.

      • Sometimes, there are simply no calcs available to prove that they are FTL and then it gets tricky. Interpretation is a key element and it can be tough to see where the line folds. I would say that I’ve given some reasons though. Goku’s fight against Tien was already massively impressive and then Raditz speedblitzing the two fighters was high end. After that, Goku and his Kaio Ken- Either way, if you don’t think that The Androids, much less Frieza are FTL, it’ll be hard to convince you that Goku and Saiyan Saga Vegeta are

      • There is no difference between saying that characters from Dragon Ball Z are faster than light, and saying that characters from Arthur are faster than light. “They are faster than light, that’s why that universe is so powerful,” “Other anime’s broke the light barrier, so characters from Arthur must also, because that universe is so powerful.” “Even though there are no feats or calcs available to show that Arthur characters are faster than light, interpretation is key.”

        The thing about your own blog, is that characters actually do have to display their abilities to count. That is the reason why The One Above All always loses, your rule number 9.

        What about Goku versus Tien is notable?

      • Except that one is realistic and the other isn’t. Naturally, I know that you’re just talking about the reasoning/concept behind it, but there’s a reason why DBZ fighters are acknowledged as being supreme.

        Feats do need to be shown, but they don’t need to be narrated. The One Above All could shoot a simple energy blast and do a quick dash and it would instantly shoot him up 5-7 tiers. That’s because it may not say that he’s FTL or a Planet Buster, but having an attack is what counts.

        For the Z Fighters, they’ve shown their speed and then I interpret how fast it is. It’s why I would say that Buu is stronger than General Rilldo. Goku flat out said that Rilldo was stronger than Buu, but Buu’s abilities and battles were more impressive so it overrules the statement.

        Goku vs Tien was notable because of how quickly they were fighting and the two fighters were basically teleporting all over the place. No actual feats based off of statements or anything. It was just an intense fight where they battles to their limits!

    • If Goku was Light speed, then Snake Way would have taken him less than five seconds. Goku took longer than five seconds, therefore, Goku was not faster than light by the time he’d finished training with King Kai.

      Two days estimation.

      Goku was going as quickly as he could. He knew that every second counted. He did not stop for naps or snacks.

      • Right, but it’s like the 40 Tons feat. Goku should be able to lift that and Toriyama just didn’t think it through. I forgot about the two days without stopping, but he still just went as fast as he could without being on the verge of fainting from exhaustion when he arrived.

        When Goku fought Tien back in Dragon Ball before his power level was anywhere that level, he was already able to fight so quickly that he would completely disappear from the audience. That’s definitely past supersonic speeds at that point and the Raditz battle was even after that. Their power levels almost exactly equal speed levels with few exceptions. Goku was vastly FTL at that point even if Toriyama himself didn’t realize it. It’s why the fans have to surpass the creators sometimes

      • That is not past supersonic. Bullets traveling aren’t easily seen by the naked eye because of their speed, but it doesn’t mean that they go the speed of light. Goku was not faster than light, and neither was Raditz, or Frieza, or the androids.

      • Whoa, the Androids, Frieza, and Saiyan Saga Goku are easily lightspeed. The only one that’s really debatable is Raditz

      • Goku did not fight at far greater speeds against Nappa. You have no evidence of that. There is only evidence that he is slower than mach 17.
        You say that Dragon ball Z characters need to be faster than light because they fight at greater speeds than characters in other animes that have reached that speed, but that is baseless. Dragon Ball Z characters may very well be slower than characters in those other series.

        What you have done is arbitrarily assign light speed to characters, and then use that speed to justify saying that they are an immensely powerful universe, and then argue that they are that fast because they are so powerful and have therefore surpassed other series that have fast characters. This reasoning is circular, and is therefore invalid.

        You need to justify the speed you have assigned these characters with demonstrated feats, the only one I am aware of is that they move so quickly that normal people cannot see them, which could possibly be the speed of sound. Snake Way gave an okay approximation of speed at that time.

      • It’s not so much that they need to be faster than those other characters, but that they are. An example is Krillin vs Superman. Superman’s been calced at millions of times FTL at his best..and I would still say that Krillin is faster in combat. His short term bursts and quick movements would allow him to completely subdue the Man of Steel.

        Now feat wise, Superman should win, but Krillin is simply faster. Feats aren’t always the thing to consider. As with an energy blast that is confirmed to be a planet buster and one that isn’t, the second blast may still be able to push back the first one. Likewise with characters, it took years for most sites to finally admit that Goku was FTL by the end of Dragon Ball Z, but I’ve known it since I first read the manga. It just makes sense and wouldn’t if he was not FTL.

        Power Levels increase speed as they go up. Trunks is the only exception in the Ultra Super Saiyan mode that he entered. Their speed levels go up accordingly, but it’s not always as exponential as it appears. Basically, Goku’s flight speed at Snake Way may not have been very impressive, but it doesn’t mean that his combat speed isn’t FTL. He wasn’t quite serious at the time and when fighting you get a quick boost. Toriyama has always been inconsistent with the DBZ manga, which is why the Snake Way calc can’t be taken too seriously along with the 40 Ton one that occurs later on

      • I would say that nearly all of them do along with higher tier Bleach characters and around 5 Naruto characters. Even Beet and One Piece have had Lightspeed fighters so it’s not that uncommon

      • That’s why we can’t always use conventional means to determine speed in anime since we saw him fight at far greater speeds than that against Nappa and Vegeta

      • I would agree if I had named Arthur or something, but they are very relevant because DBZ is typically above them and they have already attained those speeds.

    • What IS the reason you say that they are supreme? You never give it. The general consensus is not that they are light speed, but that characters are hypersonic at most.

      In the battle between Goku and Tien, they went as fast as bullets do. Master Roshi commented that Tien’s punches were like a machine gun. When Goku moved his arms so quickly that it seemed like he had eight, they were as fast as helicopter blades.

      There are things that are faster than the human eye can detect, but slower than the speed of light. Please realize this.

      I’m not saying that characters from Dragon Ball Z can never reach the speed of light, but they at least never did by the time they fought Cell, unless you include space ships.

      • In the span of 5 minutes, Goku and Frieza fought for almost an hour. He also broke out of something that was instant with super speed Before Super Saiyan. Basically Lightspeed

        Here’s another feat

        Writing this in a hurry, but I’ll make sure to discuss the other points when I get back. DBZ fighters have always been FTL and these moments just back that up. It’s simply hard to believe, but it does occur

      • Why would he say that he was faster than light if as you said, pretty much everyone was faster than light by then? It’s good to know that they all considered light to be the epitome of fast in the Frieza saga.
        He certainly wasn’t being accurate in his boasts, though. I mean, they also claim to be the most powerful fighting force in the universe.
        I have never been more sure that they are not light speed than I am now.

        Goku used super speed to outrun an explosion. How fast do you need to go to do that? Maybe it depends on the explosion. Certainly not light speed.

        The best feats would be those that involve things with definite speeds. Speeds of characters compared to other characters don’t say much. At present, all I can say for sure, is that everyone after the fight between Goku and Nappa were faster than mach 16. Goku got faster since then, but all that can be said is that it’s faster than he was at Snake Way.

      • To be honest, I wouldn’t put too much credability in his line because the scanlation seemed to be of pretty bad quality and I checked the official translation (AKA, the volumes I have at home) and he didn’t mention the FTL part.

        Now, the explosion part is impressive because he was already trapped inside when it was going at lightspeed into the ground. So, escaping once it’s already on route to the planet going at light speed must take a light speed dash.

        One thing about the Ginyu Force. How were they not the strongest fighting force in the galaxy at the time? The Kais never fought so they were unknown and everyone else is mostly filler. For all intents and purposes they were the most powerful in the universe.

        As for DBZ being FTL, I’m still as sure of it as I ever was as well.

        Here’s a good thread about Goku being FTL

      • Other posters in this thread systematically explain why each thing does not indicate faster than light feats, so I don’t feel that I have to.
        Here is a generally accepted speed tiering placing high end Dragon Ball Z characters at relativistic speeds, and Frieza at Mach 1000+
        because you know, there are 850,000+ Machs before light speed.
        It doesn’t make sense to say that the only way to be faster than a hypersonic character is to be light speed. You could be one hundred thousand times faster than they are, and still not be light speed. You are aware of this, right? When you say that writers skip speeds, and go from hypersonic straight to light speed, Is it because of that Megaman Manga?

        I should like to see Goku hurtling towards Namek at light speed now.

    • I don’t really do calculations so I can’t say that I’ve ever thought of a number with units. Without mentioning the dreaded phrase, it would be hard to describe her immense speed

      • Try. For example, the speed of sound is a little more than 750 miles per hour. A bullet from a typical M-16 is about 2,180 miles per hour. When Voyager-1 left the solar system, it was going about 38,000 miles per hour relative to the sun. The escape velocity from the surface of the sun is 1,382,000 miles per hour.
        How many times faster than one of these things?

      • I just don’t really get into calculations. I would easily say that Android 18 is much faster than those, but pinning it down to a number just isn’t how I roll. The whole point of how I think about speed is relative to their showings as opposed to technicals, which is why I don’t really use numbers. The only numbers that I typically crunched were their power levels, but after they all got over 1 million, it became too high to keep on going. I’m not sure what kind of number you’re expecting me to put since we both agree that I think Android 18 is faster than a certain natural element. I could just throw out that she goes 2,000,000 miles an hour, but I wouldn’t know how I got that and it’s not like I have some scans to prove that exact speed

      • 2,000,000 miles per hour is actually reasonable. That’s nearly the speed of Moreton wave.
        Consider how much larger the sun is from the earth, and watch the wave propagate, and think about how quickly SHE could fly across the area of the sun.
        I think that that would be a reasonable comparison, and it would not be based on nothing.

      • She could basically go across the sun in an instant. That being said, the numbers are good to have, but it’s not really something to stick to. It’s a hypothetical example of how fast she could be, but it doesn’t that I think she’s isn’t much faster than that. From the link that you sent a while back, she would easily be S-Z rank

      • Basically, she could cross from one side of the planet to the other in the time that it would take to eat a small order of french fries

      • 5-15 seconds I would imagine. Although, Goku went across Namek in a shorter time frame and she’s stronger than him so perhaps under a second. In which case, my French Fry analogy wouldn’t work.

        Also, due to composite rules, Golem has already fought the other Golem by way of Geodude.

        The manga Golem definitely gives him some new feats, but Geodude would still reign supreme due to his speed and long range abilities

      • When Goku went across Namek to fight Frieza after recovering? He sensed their power level and said to himself that it wasn’t too far away, In what instance are you referring?

        Anyway, If the planet of which you speak is about the size of the earth, and it only took her five seconds, then she would have to be going about 9,000,000 miles per hour, which is insane, but I would still not argue with that.

      • Right, but on the volume, it specifically says that Goku was on the other side of the planet with the healing pod. So, he stepped out and stopped Frieza in the time that it took Frieza to lower his arm and that’s so massively off the charts speed that is was incredible. He was pretty far away, just not for his level of speed.

        Okay….but I have a feeling that we still don’t agree on exactly how fast she is right? For example….we likely don’t agree that she would have the edge in speed against Diano

      • I think that Android 18 could still possibly be faster than Diano. I only ever watched Diano fight Dark Schneider before the four year time skip, before he became overpowered. I didn’t see her move beyond hypersonic speeds.
        Diano WAS insanely fast though, Dark Schneider needed his Sharingan just to see her move, and to get out of the way of her attacks, he had to resort to using a compressed teleportation spell. It was very exciting.

      • The fight definitely sounds good and I still find it neat that the Sharingan got to get a cameo in that manga. Both fighters are immensely powerful and quick so it’s a fun match.

      • I wonder if Kishimoto ever found out about that. He likely wouldn’t mind as authors are more okay about that kind of thing in Japan while in America you can get sued for mentioning that someone was asleep at a Baseball game.

      • I know that the anime has vastly different names than the manga due to copyright.
        The town used to be Metallicana, now it is Metaricana. The Dark God used to be Anthrax, and now it is Anslasax. The spells Megadeth, WhiteSnake, and Guns N’ Roses, changed to Mega Death, Witesnaki, and Guns n’ ro, respectively. I could go on. There’s lots of name changes that I dislike.

      • Yeah, name changes can definitely be annoying and it also serves to confuse casual anime watchers. They may have no idea that it is from the manga and vice versa. That being said, I would be totally okay with them changing the name of the show

      • So… I just watched the part of the Frieza saga, and decided that the volume synopsis is wrong if it says what you said it says. While Namek was about to explode Goku was not fast enough to get to his OWN space pod, in which he arrived, because IT was on the other side of the planet, but Frieza’s spaceship WAS nearby enough to reach in time.

      • The volume does say that and remember that the manga came before the anime so the anime could make mistakes on that. The spaceship thing did happen in both and the feat that I’m talking about was earlier. I agree that it doesn’t make sense that he couldn’t get to the ship, but we can also just make the case that he was too severely weakened and that’s why he couldn’t move that quickly

  1. I feel deceitful. I felt like you were using the speed of light as a blanket term to describe anyone who is remotely fast in anime, and that you didn’t appreciate how fast light is. That is why I asked you to describe their speed without using that term.

    While I still agree that it is totally reasonable for Android 18 to be able to fly to the other side of the planet in five seconds, until then, you were adamant that in the same amount of time she would be able to fly all the way around the planet more than thirty-seven times, and I still disagree with that.

    So just to be clear, 9,000,000 miles per hour is still sub-light.
    Light speed is 670,616,629 miles per hour in a vacuum.

    I hope that you still agree that 18 going 9,000,000 miles per hour is reasonable.
    I am sorry if you feel deceived.

    • No worries, I don’t feel deceived and it’s a solid tactic. That being said, 9,000,000 miles per hour was just a number that I threw out there. This doesn’t mean that I will begin to consider Android 18 as a sub-light fighter. Anyone from Arc 1 and debatably before that is already past that level so Android 18 wouldn’t be an exception

      • It’s not a number you through out there, it is exactly how fast you think she can move around a planet. In fact, that was the fastest allowed by your range of five to fifteen seconds. It’s just that a lot of the things you describe as being light speed are NOT light speed.
        I think that I have proved that the speed of light is faster than you thought it was, and that you should reconsider labeling characters as being that fast.
        For instance, which Naruto characters do you think move at the speed of light, and why?

      • It’s still roughly thrown out there. I’ve always known that going light speed is an insane feat, but combat wise many can pull it off. I don’t think Beet could fly all the way to the moon and back in a second, but I do think that he’s light speed in his short term movements.

        As for Naruto characters, I would rate Naruto, Madara, Sasuke, Minato, Kaguya, and others to be FTL. Mainly due to their speed during combat

      • After Naruto attained control of the Nine Tails Chakra, Consider how long it took him to get to the battlefield, and how far away it was.

        Why do you believe that character can move faster while throwing a punch, then when taking a step?

        I don’t think that you consider light speed to be insane. From what you’ve told me, you may as well say that airplanes go the speed of light.

        From what you said about 18 going to the other side of the planet, I no longer think that your idea of how fast characters are is wrong, but that you’re using the wrong words to describe it.

        This is not a problem when you are comparing characters from animes that you have seen, but it is a problem for characters for whom you only do research, or that you otherwise don’t see move, such as pre-crisis Superman, Or Dark Schneider. As it is, from your point of view, light speed is a speed even slower than dragon ball Z characters, so of course you think that they are weak.

      • Right, but I never really agreed with that and he was distracted many times by obstacles.

        It’s just how it goes. Look at Goku’s speed fight against Frieza and then look at him chasing Baubles. A lot of circumstances involved, but characters simply step up when they need too.

        Light speed is far slower than DBZ and I can see what you’re saying, but some characters just have to work under such a disadvantage. Of course, I’ve actually read a bunch of the Pre Crisis Superman comics and he’s an example of why I don’t go by written feats against shown actions. He has all kinds of insane abilities, but his combat speed is immensely slow and Goku/Android18/Android 19 could easily speed blitz him. There aren’t many characters that I can’t personally look up either. It’s not like many characters from Dark Schneider’s kind of manga are requested and I likely have access to at least 90% of the big fighters. Written feats are still good and Diano/Dark Schneider would have done a lot better if you had aimed for fights against weaker opponents.

      • Dragon ball characters are magnificently fast, but The Flash, Dark Schneider, Golden saints, and Sailor Senshi, are all faster than Dragon Ball characters, and it is offensive to say otherwise.

      • I knew that Sailor Moon would be mentioned at some point. They are purely flight speed and they can only fight at around human speed. It’s why I would never agree that any of them would beat someone like Frieza or Saiyan Saga Vegeta. In a fight, they are basically powerless.

        The Flash is fast, but more compared to the Krillin vs Jackie Chun days than Z level. Golden Saints and Dark Schneider are easily FTL, but still surpassed by many Z fighters. One could argue that it’s offensive to mention Sailor Moon in the same sentence as DBZ in a combat situation

  2. Nobody could believe that Krillin could not be faster than any Flash or pre-crisis Superman. You say that you do. I conclude that you are lying when you say that you care about accuracy. That is the only explanation of which I can conceive. You’re stringing me along, pretending to believe the things you say, but really it’s just funny to you. I see.

    • Nah, I do believe in the accuracy policy, but the Flash and Superman only have feats by their side. Their normal showings are pretty bad and their big moments typically aren’t as impressive as it sounds. I definitely do have the 100% accuracy policy on the blog and believe in it. I just find DC and Marvel to be highly overrated power wise and anime will almost always win in speed and power

    • First they would have to become subsonic fighters and that has yet to happen. Arthur has some decent running feats, but they would only be impressive compared to other 8 year olds. Now Bionic Bunny…..that’s a different story!

      • No. all the other 8 year olds of that show were already insanely fast, so it would basically take light speed to be faster than them.

      • That is certainly one way to look at it, but he has been shown to not have great reaction times as Binky landed a solid blow on him and Sue Ellen is superior in hand to hand combat from the judo episodes. He also had the episode where he gained some weight and he’s never been as fit as Francine

      • Pish posh. Arthur is is still massively faster than light. That’s just a brief inconsistency like Snake Way or the 40 Ton feat later on

      • True, but it would only be an inconsistency if it happened a few times. He has never been a match for the others so even if they are massively FTL, he’s only around sub human speed

      • Once you are faster than light, you transcend such logic. Arthur is what you’d call a twig or wood block buster. His speed levels are impressive, but he couldn’t even catch Pal. If we calc how many cracks were on the sidewalk when he was running, we can deduce that he wasn’t even going at Mach 1. Of course he may have been holding back for plot reasons.

    • It’s no problem if Pal is even faster, than he is. He may be twice as fast as Arthur, who is already massively faster than light.
      He really goes much faster than mach 1. Every few minutes of episodes really take place in an infinitesimal fraction of a second. Yes, their speed is truly incalculable.

      • That’s true, but only if Pal is faster. Pal may just be able to see the future so he knows how to evade Arthur and he’s moving so fast that time is stopping. Their speed definitely sounds limitless than and I may have to upgrade Arthur to Go Diego Go level. I’ll make sure to keep that in mind as I go to watch some TV for a while. I will be back to remember Arthur’s speed though!

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