Normal Navi vs Mr Prog

Normal Navi is back and he’s one opponent that you don’t want to mess with. He’s got his normal buster and his accuracy isn’t that bad. One good shot would take down several navies. Mr Prog’s definitely got some serious experience on his side, but it won’t be enough to stop Normal Navi. Normal Navi wins.

Normal Navi vs Blasterman

Blasterman has bombs that he can use to fight off Normal Navi. With these bombs he stands at a much higher cliff in power than Normal Navi. It’s sad because this is Normal Navi’s final match. I guess you can’t win them all. Blasterman wins.

Normal Navi vs Prismman

Prismman has prisms that he can use to win his fights against Normal Navi’s. Normal Navi just can’t handle the pressure of defeating Prismman. Prismman also has a staff that can beat Normal Navi, well it’s not a staff per say but it will do. Prismman wins.