Shiningman vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has his cannons and has a decent amount of mobility as well. That should definitely help him out quite a bit here. That being said, Shiningman was able to take Whaleman down. We haven’t seen a lot out of him but his base speed still seems better than Diddy’s. Diddy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve but at the same time I don’t see him having the physical abilities needed to take SHiningman down for the count. Shiningman wins.

Shiningman vs Olimar

Suggested by Sonic This is a tricky one since Shiningman isn’t all that impressive in a fight and never got to do much. That being said, Olimar hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire with his moments either. His Pikmin are handy little creatures to have on hand but at the same time I don’t see them doing much here. Shiningman will be able to take Olimar out with a quick punch or a small combo. I don’t see any way out for this guy. Shiningman wins.

Shiningman vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Shiningman has already fought the green one. Can the pink one do as good of a job? I say thee NAY…But he still wins. Shiningman has light which can try to blind him, but The Rockcubes will shield him. Pink Crusher Militaryman wins.

Green Crusher Militaryman vs Shiningman

Green Crusher Militaryman takes this match due to his endless supply of rockcubes. With these cubes at his disposal there is no one who can stop him. (Counting Shiningman only) Shiningman can’t win. Green Crusher Militaryman wins.