Goku vs Sonic

Goku is back and he’s up against Sonic! Sonic may have thought that he was the fastest thing alive, but Goku is far faster. He’s got the Kamehameha at the ready and Sonic won’t be able to stop them. They both share many powers and abilities, but Goku is far superior with them. Goku wins.

36 thoughts on “Goku vs Sonic

  1. Actually, Archie sonic solos the entire dbz universe as he can easily go many times the speed of light and can casually bust solar systems, at his base form. Going by game rules, sonic still wins as a kamehameha will only take Sonics rings and sonic can just stick to the one ring rule. But other version of sonic will be beyond annihilated by goku, along with the universe. Though this sonic might stand a chance as he is clearly charging up a kamehameha of his own.

    • Archie Sonic is tough and I won’t deny that he is massively FTL and a Solar System buster, (Although in base form that may be a stretch) but I would also say that Goku can match those feats. Goku’s Kamehameha would likely get rid of all of the rings that Sonic has at his disposal. The Kamehameha is insanely powerful and we also can’t underestimate Goku’s hand to hand skills, which definitely surpass Sonic’s.

  2. Well sonic was fighting shadow in the Archie comics, and though shadow might be able to bust solar systems at base form, he was using the chaos emeralds which, in the comics, is all you need to destroy a universe.

    • Yeah, the Chaos Emeralds likely played a big part in that, although Shadow is definitely a powerful fighter. The Archie comics are definitely a lot of fun and I’ll be checking some out myself in a few months thanks to my library. It’ll be fun to relive the classics!

  3. Super Sonic is invicible nothing can harm him in any way what so ever. I’m not denying that Goku is strong as I am a HUGE DBZ fan (heck Goku is a Super Saiyan God for crying out loud) but what was said about Goku being faster is false because Sonic has a move called THE LIGHT SPEED ATTACK HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF IT!? But no matter how powerful either one is Goku could not defeat someone wha can’t be harmed. Yes Super Sonic doesn’t last forever but neither does SSJ Goku. As for their normal states it might end in a tie. Also has anyone here seen Battle of the Gods or Played Sonic Adventure, Sonic Unleashed, or Sonic Generations? Goku lost to a God of destruction and Sonic DEFEATED 3 DESCUSION OVER!

    • I’ll admit, your final point was a pretty good one. Super Sonic is said to be completely invincible, but Scourge has hurt him in the past so it’s tricky. Hopefully Goku’s new Super Super Saiyan God mode from the next film will be able to help you out there.

  4. As much as i wanna say goku would win, Sonic would end up destroying goku.
    Now I’m too lazy to provide all the evidence needed, I’m gonna provide those if necessary.

    But first in strength, Sonic has goku outmatched
    Sure goku has been able to battle foes that could destroy universes, (Possibly a multiverse)
    Sonic has done the same, but way better
    Lets say solaris for example, who could destroy timelines and universes, hell he also could have destroyed Maginary world, which by the way is a dream multiverse.
    And sonic in his super form could beat solaris.
    Need more proof
    Well lets speak about Erazor dijinn, In sonic and the secret rings, he was going around absorbing universes
    He then goes after King Shahryar, the creator of the Arabian nights, which has been implied to be infinite in size(That part is a bit of a stretch)
    Shahryar is said out loud to be the creator and main character of the Arabian Nights, which is it’s own multiverse and story, heavily implying that he’s an author type character.
    And king shahryar was hella scared when he found out that erazor dijinn was coming after him, This is the same guy who created an astral plane, and its been stated to be metaphysical
    and this was before erazor had gotten even more stronger
    And sonic defeated him
    in his base form…
    And this was a weakened sonic,
    Basically the erazor had put a curse on sonic WAYY before all this happened

    And sonic still beat him
    Base form
    and weakened.
    Still not enough?
    Ok how about infinite
    who stated by eggman, is a trillion times stronger than every villian in the sonicverse
    and solaris and erazor dijin were already shit strong as it is
    And sonic beat infinite
    In his base form…
    and remember these are only 3 of the many god like villains sonic had to face.
    If it takes your strongest form to beat a guy who is debatably multiversal, against a guy who has already fought multiversal beings and even stronger.
    Safe to say that sonic has strength and power

    now of course in speed
    Sonic still takes it
    Now for goku, Im gonna quote what this guy has said
    “Goku have been FTL for many years. Now this is the most basic way to find Goku’s speed. In the time between Raditz coming to Earth and the Attack of the Saiyans, Piccolo fires a blast at the moon which takes 4 seconds to reach it if you go frame by frame and allocate a certain amount of seconds per frame. Some people may argue this is cinematic timing, however there is no reason to make this go slower or faster, unlike 5 minutes left until Namek blows up.
    238,900 miles from Earth to the Moon. This shows Piccolo’s blast goes around 59,725 miles per second, or 96,118 kilometres.
    Note that the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second, which means that Piccolo is shooting a blast 1/3 the speed of light in early Dragon Ball Z. Raditz was able to dodge the same blast easily, with a power level of 1,500. So Raditz can move 1/3 the speed of light, power levels are like ki, it represents all stats, as the higher your ki gets, the more it effects each stat, not one specific. So this shows you need a power level of 4500 to reach the speed of light, the first character to come close to this is Nappa, with a power level of 4,000. We are going to fast forward to the last confirmed power level of base Goku, which is only in the Frieza saga, which is 150,000,000 in SSJ1, divide it by 50, which is the official SSJ multiplier, and you get 3,000,000. 3,000,000 divided by 4500 is 666, Goku is 666x faster than light in base form during the Frieza Saga. due to his training in DBS, Goku is able to keep up with Beerus who can instantly travel to the edge of the universe… yeah, Goku is MFTL.”

    For sonic he has stated to move FTL

    Now since I’m lazy I’m now going to take everything he commented on about goku and sonic’s speed and paste it here because I’m lazy to do it because there is so much bullshit that goes into it

    Okay, so what if Sonic is FTL? How will that measure up to Goku? Well before we can do anything, lets talk about time and dimensional travel. Did you know that Sonic can travel through time without the chaos emeralds and other items that involve time travel? According to the game Sonic CD, the plot’s quote is, “Using his universal speed, Sonic must travel trough the past, present, & future of each zone;”Sonic has been doing it since the Genesis days/since he was young!

    It’s even said in Sonic Rush that Sonic’s speed have some kind of connection with dimensional traveling speed. Now what about Sonic’s speed<<<<Goku’s instant transmission and MFTL? In order to answer that, we need science. According to Superpower Wiki, those with absolute speed may be subject to relativistic effects, such as time dilation. This equation explains, “Time Velocity Dilation.”

    Let me make the formula simpler to you. Say we have 2 clocks: 1 on Earth, the other’s in a rocket in space, and it’s been a year or 6 months. After almost traveling (or approaching) at light speed, you compare the clocks. After you compare the clocks, you realize that time is different in space than in Earth.

    Example 1: 1 year up there – 10 years down here

    Example 2: 6 months up there – possibly 60 months down here

    Time itself varies that they’re one of the same thing. It’s not like time runs slower, it’s that clocks taking different paths through space-time show different times. Time dilation at work. So depending on our position and speed, time can appear to move faster or slower due to segments of space-time.

    The point is that space-time travel is not how you can imagine it.

    While Goku has done space travel, Sonic has done space and time manipulation. Like how I said before, Sonic’s Time Stop is able to freeze time with NEGATIVE colors, the worst damage done compared to the Flash and Zoom. And again, speed break can also speed up Sonic significantly, and it gives him danger sensing movements witch would be mighty useful. So even if it looks like that Goku has somehow slow down things all around him, because of that dumb Hit feat, Sonic can still get out with speed alone, proven in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, while everything else is still frozen in time or just being unaffected by temporal speed. Not to mention that Sonic’s time altering affects are more worse than any other speedster in Dragon Ball. And that was all in base. Sonic has been manipulating time longer than Goku has been space jumping.

    Never has Goku been able to fix the space time continuum.

    Sonic has.

    alright so now that i stole everything from what a guy had said, its safe to say sonic still takes speed.

    Now before you say
    "But sonic's speed is all travel speed not combat speed"
    In most of his fights, sonic has always used his travel speed as his combat speed.

    I would add more but I'm still hella lazy

    • Wait a minute, you’re going with Sonic over Goku? I dunno about this one chief. Okay you have to remember that Goku and Beerus punching each other nearly destroyed the universe and that was just with collisions. Since then Goku has gone hundreds of times stronger since then and can destroy just about everything if he wanted too. I don’t think you could really compare these two although I still think you have done a tremendous job of writing up this big summary. So here’s how I see this.

      I like Infinite a lot but to say that he is thousands of times stronger than other characters is really taking Eggman’s line out of context. Sonic has fought powerful opponents but nobody quite like Perfect Cell, much less Jiren. All of those universal threats could have been stopped with the Kamehameha. Lets say Sonic is just a bit faster although I still have my doubts, the difference in power is crazy here. Goku is on a completely different level and he can destroy just about everyone in his way. It’s why he is the GOAT, one of the strongest hedgehogs around. With a single move he can cause completely devastating damage to all around him. It’s why he is the hero of legend.

      I would also say that Goku’s combat speed is better but here’s why his overall speed should be better. Take the speed calcs you used above and multiply them infinitely because that’s basically what happens when Goku keeps on transforming and getting stronger all the time. He has no upper limit or anything like that. Goku just keeps getting better at an absolutely astronomical rate and the scary part? He’s only just getting started! He’s still getting stronger in the manga as we speak

      • Goku with (ssg) and beerus (which was later stated to be maybe about 70% of his power) (probably not 100% true) nearly destroyed it, vs sonic
        who has battled more then 1 multiversal being. The highest multiversal being in the db universe is zeno and quite possibly the angles and grand priest but even then sonic has battled foes who are above that.
        And he had done it with his base form most fo the time.

        Perfect cell was a solar system buster, while solaris is capable of devouring entire space-time continuums on an incomprehensible scale, encompassing entire dimensions and timelines. and super sonic was capable of bringing him down

        jiren, from what i have seen is high multiversal, some eve wank him to multiversal, but erazor dijinn was a being who absorbed a entire multiverse and even more, and a weakened base form sonic had beaten him, erazor then
        gained the power of the 4 rings to become even stronger
        and was defeated by dark spine sonic who had the 3 other rings, but keep in mind dark spine sonic was still weaker then super sonic.

        and then there’s infinite who is those 2 plus a couple other villains x a trillion.
        and sonic defeated him in his base form.

        This is not even including sonics power to use the chaos emeralds individually, or hyper sonic which is much stronger then super sonic.

        It would take more then one simple Kamehameha to kill all the beings sonic has faced, if anything its likely goku would have lost.

        Agian you provided no feats of why goku is stronger when sonic has fought beings who could threaten multiversus and even greater then that.

        Sure yes goku’s being saiyan does mean he has a infinite potential, but the problem is to grow it to unknown heights could very well be impossible,
        And no goku’s speed is not infinite, the closest infinite speed we have of goku is instant transmission but even then characters have dodged it.

        And even if goku had become stronger then zeno, sonic would still be ahead due to his high multiversal and higher high multiversal feats

        remember, that’s his base form, not counting the individual uses of the chaos emeralds, super sonic or hyper sonic

        I wanna see feats that give proof of goku being capable of defeating sonic.
        That means high ass multiversal feats, and if you even find those, you better find them more x a trillion. actually heck naw above.

        and if you think goku breaking through hits time skip was impressive, don’t make me mention when sonic fought time eater. he hella strong, and yes infinite is a trillion times stronger then erazor dijinn, solaris and time eater too, along with the other sonic villains that he has faced.

      • Goku clears though!

        Okay seriously lets dive into this. You’ve got some really good Sonic feats here.


        Goku in base was destroying the universe with simple punches. That’s not something that Sonic would be able to do in any form. This is crazy amounts of power and he’s gotten infinite amounts of zenkai boosts since then.


        Goku was able to punch through time stop itself which is crazy!

        Then check this link out from 1:52

        Goku actually activates Sonic’s spin dash while in Ultra Instinct and takes on the kai of time. Time manipulation doesn’t work on him and his speed is basically infinite. SO you’re probably wondering. How can Sonic beat him now? Well the answer is that he can’t. Seriously there is no way to do it. Goku is just built different at this point and his stats are basically limitless. He will continue to rack up the wins because he’s probably the third strongest character in all of media.

  5. I made a slight error, jiren was meant to be high UNIVERSAL, not multiversal, although i said he could possibly be multiversal, possibly.

  6. You say how goku can destroy a universe in base form which theoretically could be true if we dived in deeper but i already had demonstrated how sonic had fought multiversal beings in his base form which is far beyond goku’s if it even exists.

    second of all the goku your using for that video is not dbz or dbs goku, that’s cc goku from dragon ball super heroes, that version of goku can beat game sonic, But remember there not the same goku. But if you combine these two together then archie sonic would be involved and sonic would still end up winning.

    Another thing i have to mention is that in dragon ball the greater power level can overule the other weaker power levels. that’s how goku managed to break through hits timeskip during their fight, cause with ssgss and kaioken combined they could overpower hits power level.

    I also want to mention that goku at that time was not capable of beating the supreme kai of time, even if he did not go mui, she did not go full power either.
    At the end of the fight goku was tired anyway.

    I still don’t see as to why you still think goku is stronger when i showed you him beating the likes of multiversal busters.

    and if you think goku breaking through time skip was crazy?
    Sonic ran so fast that he restored time and space. and he did this
    In his base form of course. whereas goku needed one hell of a boost to do so, and even then it was not a proper time manipulation, even whis explains that.

    So how can sonic beat him?

    Outspeeding him with his speed and pretty much beating him with his power and hax alone.

    and if we include archie sonic into the mix since you decided to bring cc goku here
    Well then it becomes interesting.

    So let me break it down for you

    Game sonic vs Goku(Dbs)
    Sonic wins
    Game sonic vs CC Goku(Dbs heroes)
    Goku wins
    Archie sonic vs CC goku(Dbs heroes)
    Sonic wins (more often)

    • The thing is, I get what you’re going for with Sonic beating the multiversal beings in base but the feats don’t hold up as well because those guys would not be able to do that physically. Goku would always come out on top with his martial arts but what would Sonic do against those guys? He has enough problems with planetary fighters like Shadow and Metal Sonic. Goku has been fighting universal threats for a while now. Sonic doesn’t have any antagonists on the level of Perfect Cell or Majin Buu. That is the big difference between these two. Goku has more feats because he has fought way more powerful fighters and as a result he needed those feats right away. On the other hand Sonic has fought a lot of lore powerful fighters but ones without the same level of feats and that’s what hurt them big time. They just need something more than that to prove their abilities and I have my doubts that they can.

      I maintain that Goku breaking through the time skip was absolutely crazy, even crazier than Sonic’s reversal of time because Goku’s was in response to an actual attack. It was crazy…crazzzzzy

      • Why would it matter if they cant do it physically, if they can do it in general then that is means for a huge feat.
        Just cause dragon ball has done it physically does not mean that it overides any other feat that is not physical.
        In dragon ball, the greater power level can ovveride the weaker power level.

        Shadow is legit on par with sonic and has fought solaris, the multiverse threat i mentioned previously before, and no shadow is not planetary, i myself have mistaken that as well as many others. By now he should be multiversal since he and sonic are on parr with each other. Hell he is even better at using the chaos emeralds then sonic is.

        Metal sonic was one of sonic’s earlier villains. Once the other villains like time eater, erazor dijinn and infinite started showing up metal became irrelevant.
        So saying that sonic should lose because he struggles with metal sonic is the same as saying goku should lose because he struggled with raditz

        Goku had only started fighting universal threats when beerus, goku black, golden frieza and jiren walked in

        Cell and majin buu were not universal
        Both were at solar system level.

        Meanwhile in sonic’s case, we have people ready to destroy dimensions, universes, all of space and time. and even multiverses.

        So no, sonic has villains that are way stronger an tougher then what goku can handle, goku would need to be xeno or cc to even stand a chance.

        I said it once and i will say it again, the superior power level can ovveride the weaker power level, that is why goku could break through hits time skip.
        Here is whis explaining it


        So goku breaking hits time skip is impressive, but really its not what it seems

        Even if it was goku breaking through hits time skip
        Sonic had fixed time and space with speed alone

        And for solaris, he was a being capable of eating away dimensions and consuming timelines.
        Stated by eggman in the horrible game that is sonic 06




        If that’s not enough then look no further then time eater

        Well first of all the name speaks for itself, obviously the dude controls time, no shit

        He was capable of erasing time and space


        In sonic and the secret rings erazor djinn destroyed hundreds of the arabian nights


        which were stated to be worlds of endless adventures


        and then there’s infinite, who stated by sega was sonic’s strongest villain when he was shown
        Infinite was above, solaris,time eater and erazor dijinn

        For another reference, the chaos emeralds sonic uses
        stated to have universal power
        Hell in the early games it was stated by tails that they had unlimited power

        and super sonic is powered my 7 of these emeralds, so even if we lowball sonic to multiversal, he still beats MUI goku at his best.

        You call goku breaking through hits time skip crazy, even when it was not actually goku breaking time?

        What good is physical strength to destroy universes or shake dimensions when sonic is beating guys pulling off bullshit like this?

        Hell even some of the strongest beings like the angles, the grand priests, and the supreme kai don’t mess with time as much.

        So no, no matter how much martial arts or physical strength goku has, it simply cannot compete with sonic’s superior feats.

        Sonic is faster, stronger, more durable, and has better tools to bring goku down.

      • I think the problem here is you’re taking the text too literally at some of these points. For example the chaos emeralds aren’t universal like that. They are super strong don’t get me wrong but the lore there and the scope of their power is really hype but not meant to be super literal like that. Goku has actually been breaking time and universes on the daily. It’s a lot more impressive than the lore and text.

        Goku took down the mighty Fuu who was a multiverse buster and beat up Cumber who could end all of reality. These aren’t the kinds of opponents that just anybody could beat. You have to have top tier abilities and keep on fighting to the end. It’s why Goku is the bar for strength. Whenever a strong character appears people ask if he can beat Goku because Goku is that dude.

        As powerful and fast as Sonic is, he can’t keep up with Goku’s speed or destructive power. Goku can instantly be anywhere thanks to his teleportation and can stop any speed in his tracks. That’s what it means to be Son Goku, the mighty warrior who shakes the very cosmos

  7. If the 7 chaos emeralds allow sonic to fight beings that can threaten dimensions, multiverses and time and space itself, then underestimating the chaos emeralds is a grave mistake, considering that they too can control time.

    You bring up fuu and cucumber, two characters from the dragon ball super heroes series, which is not canon to the actual dbs storyline or canon in general, but if you choose to include cc goku and xeno verse goku feats into this, then this would mean archie sonic is allowed.

    So from here on out I’m gonna show game sonic’s feats, and archie sonics feats.

    Ok yes fuu and cucumber are multiversal busters, and they can indeed match some of game sonic’s main villains, but archie sonics feats go above what cc goku or xeno goku has done.

    we will use cc goku since this is by far the strongest version of goku up to date

    While the dragon ball super heroes strongest characters could effect their multiverse which has been stated to have an infinite amount of timelines.

    Sonic has also done the same along with other characters like archie megaman, they were able to rewrite the infinite timelines of their multiverse, along with other extradimensional realms that are outside of that multiverse

    Like the chaos force
    the pocket zones
    and hell, even megamans own infinite universe

    Sonic can do this with barely any assistance, whereas goku has not been able too.
    As he needed the assistance of xeno goku, and even some fusions to even beat multiverse level threats. Sure xeno and cc goku are still multiversal but archie sonic still surpasses them

    Plus, sonic has his ultra form, which can grant wishes, in which cc goku has no counter against.

    Sonic could simply wish goku dead or completely nullify goku’s powers and strength.

    And finally, no goku is not faster then sonic, sonic could move in stopped time, legit stopped time
    Yes goku has broken through hits time skip but like i already mentioned, the greater the power level can overwrite the weaker one, hence why goku can break through, but sonics super forms have actually broken time and space itself, and rewritten all of reality,
    Sonic’s reality warping abilities, speed and strength, greater feats, greater durability and better forms would bring down cc goku.

    • All right lets talk about the nitty gritty over here. Are you ready for this? Lets goooooo!!!

      So Goku has been shown to be able to defeat just about anybody over the years. We’re talking universal destruction on an infinite scale and that’s just for starters. This guy is not going down nor is he trying to go down. Goku will always be the man on a mission who stays ahead of everyone at all times. Nobody can keep up with him and if we’re being honest aside from Megaman and Bass nobody will even be getting close. Goku is a completely different animal.

      Goku has moved during time stop as well since breaking Hit’s is basically the same thing. Where he has the big advantage against Sonic is in his raw power and speed. This is where Sonic will quickly be on the defensive because what is he realistically going to do against someone like Goku? Honestly I think he will just go down quickly and that would be the end of his story. This isn’t a battle that he can hope to win and instead the gap in their abilities would really begin to shine. There’s no stopping a fighter like Goku.

      We’ve talked about the wish granting but it won’t work since Goku is too strong to be affected by it. Like you said, the greater power level can override the weaker one and so Goku can void all of Sonic’s tricks right out of the gate and make it look easy too. It’s why he’s built different. He’s built completely different on all cylinders!

      • I like how you say infinite scale for goku but rant about ger not having infinite energy and spongebob having infinite regen, agian your just showing your bias.

        And i just said previously that sonic had been capable of rewriting infinite timelines as well as other multiverses. So even if goku could destroy his own multiverse that has a infinite amount of timelines

        Sonic had done the same but has done it with more worlds

        chaos force
        pocket zones
        megamans own infinite universe

        I had already said that goku breaking through hits timeskip was only possible because goku could surpass hit’s power level.
        I had already showed you it and yet you still think that its true. Wake up

        As for the wish granting thing your wrong
        In DRAGON BALL, thats how power levels can be overun, but not with sonic who is not from that verse
        But ya know lets say sonic’s wishing abilities work the same like in the dragon ball super heroes world
        It still would fail
        Because like i had said, Sonic had used this wish granting ability to rewrite his own multiverse with infinite timelines, along with megamans infinite universe, the chaos force and pocket zones.
        Wheras goku’s universe is only a multiverse with infinite timelines

        So even if sonic’s wish granting abilities could be overun by a a stronger power level. Goku would simply not be strong enough to break through it, even if he was capable of destroying his multiverse with infinite timelines

        So for comparison
        Highballing cc goku, he would be around 4D to 5D levels
        Archie sonic would be 6D

        Or if you want a vs battles tiering (Not reliable)

        Cc goku would be 2-A (multiverse level)
        archie sonic is 1-A (outerversal)

        Now running the fight 100 times over, cc goku could snag some wins and there are many versions of this fight where cc goku can win
        But the blue blurr is taking this one more often

      • All right so I think I’m picking up what you’re jotting down here but I still have to disagree here. Sonic may have wish granting skills and a lot of speed but he still doesn’t have the power that Goku has. Look at how in the IDW comics Burning Blaze ran out of power after fighting a bunch of fodders. Imagine Super Sonic going up against Goku? He’d run out of power faster than a sprint at the local marathon! Trust me on this, he’s definitely not ready for this level of power.

        For Goku I wasn’t saying literally infinite because for sure that’s not a thing but he comes closer to this than most. Goku continues to get stronger and already has instant transmission. As in he moves instantly and he has gotten even faster than that. Lets say we talk about 4D, 5D, 6D, it doesn’t matter Goku just wins anyway. He has much better martial art skills and can destroy the universe by powering up. Sonic isn’t able to come close to those levels of feats. Speed is really all that he’s got and when Goku begins attacking Sonic is going to begin losing. It’s just that simple in the end!

  8. No Sonic wins idiot. Stop downplaying other characters, Goku is not the third strongest character in all of media. Your an idiot.

  9. Sonic running out of power is unlikely, he has been capable of fighting in his super forms for a good amount of time already

    Also your gonna have to send the proof of burning blaze running out of energy, Knowing you, you clipped out some shit that you dont want anybody seeing.
    I cant trust you at all, nobody should

    Once agian infinite is a thing in fiction and if your gonna say infinite but imply that its not real then dont even use the word infinite if thats not what you mean.

    I dotn care about the fact that goku got stronger or the fact that he has instant transmission. Instant transmission is simply his way of teleporting, no shit, but sonic has been capable of running normally in stopped time as shown in the feats i posted above

    The 4D 5D and 6D DO MATTER because it shows the power scaling between the two.

    Goku may be more skilled but sonic stats and hax simply wont allow skill to be a big enough factor for him to win

    You have shown no proof of goku reaching the level sonics feats have nor his speed.

    I already showed you a shit ton of feats to look back on above, what feats did you show that put him above, only a battle with the supreme kai of time, but she is not the strongest being in the dbsh verse.

    The strongest being cant even beat archie sonic nor any of the other strong combatants that lurk within the archie comics

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