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Metal Sonic vs Emerl

Emerl is a gizoid created by Dr Eggman not robotnik. Emerl can copy the power and skills of any opponent…but so can Metal Sonic. So they’d be fighting at about the same power. Metal Sonic could still transform and beat Emerl before he can copy it. Metal Sonic wins.


12 thoughts on “Metal Sonic vs Emerl”

  1. But couldn’t ML (emerl’s name in sonic x) copy the transformation and use it? And then ultimate emerl could beat him by using it’s ancient skills.

    1. Emerl can copy a lot of things, but I’m not sure if he could copy the whole transformation. Of course Ultimate Emerl is incredibly tough, but Metal Sonic also can copy abilities by looking, plus he’s extremely powerful. These two are both extremely powerful fighters!

  2. Had to visit this blog again, long time no see Dreager!

    Do you think Metal Overlord could take on Ultimate Emerl (A lightning speed opponent who can jump so high he touches clouds, warps space, and is so powerful his fists from simple punches ignite the air)?

    Also, what were your thoughts on ‘DeathBattles’ Megaman Battle royale, expected outcome in your eyes?

    1. Hey there! It’s definitely been a long while for sure. I think it’s definitely a really close one. Emerl in his final form is definitely crazy strong, but Metal Overlord did take 3 supers and a bunch of others to stop. I think his sheer speed should still give him the slight edge in this battle.

      The DeathBattles Megaman fight was actually pretty awesome and surprisingly accurate. I definitely agreed with the outcome 1000%. It’s gonna be hard to top that one

      1. Yup yup, but, I am glad to see you out here still doing what you love :-)! I am too, especially cartoon/game wise.

        Couldn’t agree more with “Metal Overlord did take 3 Superforms”, perfect answer. MO would win. Just glad to see Ult. Emerl getting some love, because he is quite Overpowered! Given his insane abilities ( ( I wonder if he really did absorbs the Power of stars after witnessing their explosion?

        Suprisingly accurate is right my friend, they can usually be really on, on very VERY off. They did well this time, the moment they showed M.M. pull through I knew a certain bass fan would be very pleased :-). My top 5 favorite episode, btw do you still feel Bass is the strongest in all Media?

      2. Definitely, good to see Emerl getting his props. That guy’s definitely super strong and I think it’d be cool if he ever got to return in a new game or something. Not enough people bought Sonic Battle which is why people don’t really remember.

        Yeah, Death Battle’s outcomes are mixed at best, but here they knew what was up. Megaman’s insanely fast which is really cool that they acknowledged. They also got their latest Death Battle done right so maybe they’re on the up and up. Also, I definitely still do put Bass at the top. His skills are just impossible to surpass!

  3. Couldn’t agree more Reager! Ultimate Emerl (when you look at his Ult moves description) has some pretty ridiculous feats and it’s a shame most never played Sonic Battle. With such amazing power we need an graphically updated retelling on how Sonic BEAT such a foe in base!

    DeathB might very well be listening to the fans because they have more hits than misses now battle wise lol. They got the Calcs extremley well for MM, it’s almost as if they checked this site 😁!!And lol I thought bass would be the top Fighter still. Dude is beyond amazing…

    1. Bass could probably beat all the Gods/Celestials of the Marvel universe at the same time when you think about it 😄

    2. An HD remake from the ground up would be awesome for PS4 or something like that. It’s been way too long since we got a proper Sonic fighting game. I do wonder how they’ll have Sonic beat him, it was most impressive to have done so without his Super Sonic form

      Heh, maybe they are checking this site on the downlow. If they ever need some advice I’d be happy to assist them 😉

      1. I couldn’t agree more!! I hate to say it but I hope that’s one Idea they do steal LOL. I legitimately think if Sega took a hiatus and dedicated themselves to a Sonic fighting game it would revitalize the franchise and entire fanbase. And if they AREN”T monitoring this site they are only doing themselves a disservice, B-).

        As for how Sonic will beat such a Powerful foe (apparently Ult. Emerl has the power of Exploding Suns), it will show how much he really holds back, after all, this is the same speedster who when Omega complimented his speed at approaching Light, Sonic replied light was “Slow”. Hyperbole or not, Omega’s observation confirms he’s muuuuch faster than Supersonic speed.

      2. I can definitely get behind the Sonic’s usually holding back part. That scene with Omega was definitely critical and shows how fast Sonic really is. It’s also such a high level where it makes sense that Emerl wouldn’t be quite able to match his speed. A full fledged Sonic fighting game would definitely be amazing. 10/10 easy! I’d buy that day 1

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