Janemba vs Broly

Suggested by Destroyer Janemba is a very dangerous villain since his abilities transcend dimensions. It’s also worth noting that his speed and power were enough to even overcome SSJ3 Goku. That being said, Broly is on a completely different level here. He was able to take on Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and I expect he will only continue to get stronger from here on out. While this may have been different before the Super movie there is no way Janemba can win now. Broly wins.

Master Roshi vs Janemba

Janemba 1
Master Roshi is ready for his final match of the day. I can’t say that the matches have turned out in his favor so far, but maybe things will change in this battle. Janemba is a powerful opponent, but maybe Master Roshi can use some speed to dodge his attacks? No, that’s not really an option so Roshi takes another loss. Janemba wins.

Janemba vs Emerl

Janemba 1
Janemba is extremely powerful, but in the end can he defeat Emerl? Emerl is pretty fast and he’s also known for his power. Still, Janemba did hold his own against the legendary Goku and even took on Vegeta. Janemba definitely won’t be losing in this round and he rises up the blog ranks with this win. Janemba wins.

Janemba vs Buu

Well, this is definitely a pretty close fight. Janemba has the powers of Baby, which gives him a pretty good power boost, but Buu is naturally stronger than Janemba. The boost is definitely good, but I don’t think it will be enough to turn the tides in Janemba’s favor. Buu is still the greatest threat in the DBZ world. Buu wins.

Janemba vs Superman

Janemba 1
Superman is pretty powerful and his speed is also feared across the galaxy! I won’t deny his power, but he still won’t have a chance against a being as powerful as Janemba. Janemba has taken on guys like Goku and Vegeta in the past, so he’s definitely proven himself to be on a high level. Janemba wins.

Tabuu vs Janemba

Janemba is a being of incredible power! He has taken on beings as powerful as Goku and showed his true power! Tabuu is also a powerful warrior, but they aren’t in the same leagues. Tabuu was never meant to fight someone as powerful as Janemba. It’s unheard of! Janemba is just too powerful and rises up the ranks with this win. Janemba wins.

Enerjak vs Janemba

Janemba is an extremely powerful being! Known as one of the strongest characters in existence, Janemba is a casual solar system buster. His speed is also unreal and his raw power is to be feared. Enerjak is also extremely powerful, but his speed won’t be able to match Janemba’s. Janemba wins.

Janemba vs Bizarro

Janemba is back and up against the super strong Bizarro! Janemba was able to take on a Super Saiyan 3 Goku! That’s a pretty impressive feat if there ever was one, Bizarro is also pretty strong, but in the end he loses this round. He lacks the speed and power that Janemba has and drops down the ranks. Janemba wins.