Captain Atom vs Blue Beetle

Suggested by Sonic Captain Atom and Blue Beetle are both very versatile fighters who can fly, shoot energy blasts, and have super strength. This is a pretty even battle but where Atom ultimately has the edge is his degree of super strength. He’s able to go up against Superman hand to hand. Blue Beetle’s speed should keep him in this and his energy blasts will deal some good damage but the sheer power behind each of Atom’s attacks will definitely add up. Captain Atom wins.

4 thoughts on “Captain Atom vs Blue Beetle

      • Where’s Fran and Panda in the battles? Either you haven’t uploaded it, or you forgot. But that was one battle I requested.

      • I remember that one, it was the only request that didn’t make it through. In this case the Panda ended up effectively being a normal animal so he wouldn’t be able to make it under the blog battle rules. It was a little different than Kuma who had a true name that differentiated him

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