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Bugs Bunny vs Colossus

Bugs Bunny is back from his happy world of the Looney Tunes to challenge another fighter. Colossus once obtained the Phoenix Force so his destructive capabilities should be more than a match for Bugs Bunny’s toonforce. Toonforce doesn’t help in a fight anyway so this is pretty one sided. Colossus will win with a single punch. Colossus wins.

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Porky Pig vs Bugs Bunny

Porky Pig is back and now he’s up against Bugs Bunny! Can he hope to win this round? Bugs Bunny has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and he knows how to pwn. Porky Pig can fight if he has too, but he lacks the powers that Bugs Bunny has. Bugs Bunny rises up the ranks with this win. Bugs Bunny wins.