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Porky Pig vs Bugs Bunny

Porky Pig is back and now he’s up against Bugs Bunny! Can he hope to win this round? Bugs Bunny has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and he knows how to pwn. Porky Pig can fight if he has too, but he lacks the powers that Bugs Bunny has. Bugs Bunny rises up the ranks with this win. Bugs Bunny wins.

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Spiderman 2099 vs Porky Pig

Porky Pig is back once again. Maybe this time he’ll get to pwn. Of course Spiderman 2099 has his combat skills and takes Porky down. Spiderman 2099 has been moving up the blog at an alarming speed. Can no one stop him? Porky Pig will be remembered as he falls through the blog. Spiderman 2099 wins.

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Yosemite Sam vs Porky Pig

Yosemite Sam has guns…and he knows how to sue them. That’s the winning factor in this match. Porky Pig is strong, but in the end he’s not quite strong enough. One Day he’ll come back to pwn, but until then he drops to the 0-2 spot. Yosemite Sam gets his long awaited win. Good for him. Yosemite Sam wins.