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Pac Man vs Roger Rabbit

Suggested by Destroyer Roger Rabbit may know how to put up a fight when necessary, but he definitely isn’t ready for Pac Man. Pac Man won’t be falling prey to any of this guy’s toon abilities. Pac has a lot of attack options up his sleeve as well as a variety of super forms. These will allow him to outmaneuver Roger for as long as needed before ultimately making his counter attack. Roger won’t know what hit him. Pac Man wins.

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Nick Gant vs Roger Rabbit

This is a tribute to both the Roger Rabbit movie and Push. Roger looked very bad in his own film as he was knocked out and pushed around by basically everybody. Nick’s whole ability is that he can push people around so you can probably see where this is going. Roger will have a very hard time trying to survive in this match up as he has nowhere to run and certainly can’t fight in hand to hand combat. I don’t see any scenario here where he comes out on top so I’m afraid that it’s game over for this rabbit. Nick Gant wins.