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Asuka (Tekken) vs Chun Li

This is another tough battle as Chun Li takes on Asuka. It didn’t require a whole lot of thought since Asuka is a pretty good fighter, but she lacks the overwhelming firepower that Chun Li has in her kicks. The thunder kicks will take a lot of the fight out of Asuka and while she may have a slight edge in hand to hand combat, (Very arguable) the thunder element gives Chun Li the advantage in this round. So far, Street Fighter is actually taking most of the wins in this crossover arc. Chun Li wins.

Asuka (Tekken) Battles, Battles, Setsuki Battles

Asuka (Tekken) vs Setsuki

Asuka (Tekken) knows advanced hand to hand combat. Of course so does Setsuki, plus Setsuki has a laser. While some would say she can dodge the laser, once Setsuki starts charging up if you’re in his range you are unable to move. Setsuki wins.