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Asuka (Tekken) vs Robin

Suggested by iKnowledge Asuka is a very talented hand to hand fighter. In pure combat ability she may be able to give Robin a good run for his money although my money would still be on him to have the slight edge. Robin’s mainly got the advantage here because of how he’s gotten many power ups over the years (Although they’re pretty slight) and his many gadgets. Robin can use his explosive discs to great effect here and his boots being reinforced with steel doesn’t hurt either. Asuka can’t really afford to take many hits from him. Robin wins.

Asuka (Tekken) Battles, Battles, Chun Li Battles

Asuka (Tekken) vs Chun Li

This is another tough battle as Chun Li takes on Asuka. It didn’t require a whole lot of thought since Asuka is a pretty good fighter, but she lacks the overwhelming firepower that Chun Li has in her kicks. The thunder kicks will take a lot of the fight out of Asuka and while she may have a slight edge in hand to hand combat, (Very arguable) the thunder element gives Chun Li the advantage in this round. So far, Street Fighter is actually taking most of the wins in this crossover arc. Chun Li wins.