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Agent Bob vs Robin

Agent Bob is back and now he’s up against Robin! Robin has a great deal of hand to hand combat skills and I don’t believe that Agent Bob would really stand a chance against him. Robin has beaten up on guys like Slade and Batman in the past so Agent Bob won’t really be able to keep up with his level of power. Robin wins.

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Robin vs Speedy

Robin and Speedy are both pretty athletic and are good at hand to hand combat. Robin’s definitely got the edge in a close combat fight, but Speedy’s the better fighter with an arrow. Robin’s staff should allow him to block the arrows long enough for him to turn this into a close combat battle and end the match. Speedy won’t be winning this time. Robin wins.

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Robin vs Enrique El Gancho

Enrique El Gancho is back, but I don’t think that he could take down the boy wonder. Robin has a lot of gadgets and he’s also a pretty good hand to hand fighter. Enrique El Gancho won’t be able to keep up with his athletics. Robin rises up the blog ranks with this win. Robin wins.

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Robin vs Anthony Zucco

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Well, Anthony Zucco is back, but he’s here for a tough loss. There’s no way that he can hope to win against the boy wonder and he lacks fighting skills. Robin could defeat him pretty easily and he rises up the blog ranks with this win. Robin’s definitely one opponent that you don’t want to underestimate. Robin wins.

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Robin (Animal) vs Robin

Robin (Animal) is a pretty cool bird who knows the score. With one flap of his wings he can go great distances. His pecks can also be painful, but in the end Robin wins this. He has his hand to hand skills and knows how to take down many opponents. They just didn’t have the same level of ability that he did. Robin wins.

Fanfic version below

Battle of the Robins

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Robin vs Bucky

Robin is a very strong sidekick….in fact he’s not even a sidekick anymore. He’s become his own fighter and saves the innocent from themselves. Bucky has also become a hero in his own right, but he won’t be able to compete with Robin. Robin is faster, quicker, bolder, and stronger. Robin cannot be defeated. Bucky takes another loss, but one of these days he’ll be back. Robin wins.

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Robin vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has his motorcycle and may be tough, but he’s not as tough as Robin. Robin has all of his Teen Titan skills and can take down anyone who tries to stop him. Ghost Rider is good, but he’s just not at Robin level. Robin wins.

As cool as Robin is, now he loses in the end. Ghost Rider wins.