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Ramsay Bolton vs Robin

Suggested by Iknowledge Ramsay Bolton has returned, but he will find that Dick Grayson is no rookie. He was trained quite extensively by Batman. Bolton is no slouch in close quarters either, but he is nowhere near as quick or agile as Grayson. What also gives Robin an edge here is his large array of gadgets. Bolton has never faced technology this advanced and he wont be able to adapt in time. Even Robins cape which is stronger than Titanium may not shatter under Bolton’s sword. Thus, the equipment really helps to make the difference here, but Robin is also better trained. Robin wins.

Battles, Ramsay Bolton Battles, Robin (Damian) Battles

Ramsay Bolton vs Robin (Damian)

Ramsay Bolton may know how to fight with a sword, but Damian Wayne was trained as an expert fighter from birth. His speed and agility far outstrip anything that Ramsay can do. This isn’t even counting the fact that Damian obtained super powers at a later date. With them, he now has high levels of durability to the point where a sword would shatter if it hit him. By this point, Ramsay Bolton has no real way of dealing damage to Robin anymore. Robin (Damian) wins.