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Kaito Daimon vs Jigsaw Jones


It’s time for Kaito Daimon to finally show himself on the blog. He’s definitely a genius who can solve just about any puzzle. Super intelligent characters like that tend to make for pretty solid leads as they’re so rare. It’s nice to see them in the lead spot for once to see the thought process behind their decisions. Jigsaw is very smart in his own right, but he’s just a little outmatched here. He won’t be able to solve the mystery of who’s going to win this match in time. Kaito Daimon wins.

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Sherlock Holmes vs Jigsaw Jones

This is a tribute to the third Sherlock Holmes film. As always I would say that he looked pretty good in his deductions. He has proven time and time again why he is considered to be one of the greatest detectives of all time. Jigsaw Jones has done a good job in his own mysteries of course, but he isn’t quite in the same league. The same can be said for combat as Jigsaw really has no chance in that department. Sherlock Holmes wins.

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Marshmallow Man vs Jigsaw Jones

Suggested by Destroyer The Marshmallow Man is pretty underrated in the giant monster community. He has a pretty good amount of attack power at his disposal and his size isn’t half bad either. Fighting him is futile for good old Jigsaw Jones as he doesn’t even have a chance of winning. It’s unfortunate, but I’m afraid it’s the truth. Marshmallow Man wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Cosmic Clone

Suggested by Destroyer Jigsaw Jones is a pretty tough kid but he is definitely out of his element here. The Cosmic Clone is fast and just making contact with him can be really painful. It is in Jigsaw’s best interest to stay far away but he won’t win that way. He doesn’t really have any attacks either so maybe he was simply doomed from the start. Cosmic Clone wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Pac Man

jigsaw jones
Jigsaw Jones is a good detective, but he doesn’t have any close combat experience. Pac Man is very experienced in the art of hand to hand fighting and a simple uppercut should quickly take Jigsaw Jones down for the count. Jigsaw Jones is pretty low in the blog rankings and this round certainly won’t help matters for him. Pac Man wins.

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Bass vs Jigsaw Jones

jigsaw jones
Bass has won many battles over the years. It is hard to believe that he has only appeared in one theatrical film despite his immense power. It will be tough for Jigsaw Jones to defeat Bass and I’m pretty sure that it could be impossible. Bass is faster than light and he could end the entire planet in an instant if he desired. Bass wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Spinosaurus

Jigsaw Jones is a detective with skills that are so good they can be feared. Of course in terms of fighting ability he’s not quite as good as Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus is a dinosaur of incredible power and can defeat many opponents. Spinosaurus has been on a roll for a while. Spinosaurus wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp has his own book series. I’m not too familiar with it, but I still dug up enough data to determine who would win this fight. Adam Sharp at least has a fancy suit and very, very, very, very mild hand to hand combat skills. Jigsaw has none. Adam Sharp wins.

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Jigsaw Jones vs Encyclopedia Brown

Jigsaw Jones is back. This time he won’t be up against another detective. He’s up against a kid with big dreams. This shouldn’t be too hard for him since he deals with bullies regularly. Encyclopedia Brown has also gotten sloppy and lets his partner do the work for him. Jigsaw Jones wins.