Adam Sharp vs Cam Jansen

Suggested by Sonic Adam Sharp has some gadgets at his disposal but unfortunately for him none of them are particularly powerful ones. They won’t be able to compensate for the age difference here. Adam is only 8 while Cam is between 10-11. Such age gaps don’t matter much the older you get but there is just a big difference between an 8 and a 10 year old. Cam will be able to overpower Adam here and claim a secure victory. Adam will need some kind of good gadget to turn the tables here. Cam Jansen wins.

Gammon Sakanoue vs Cam Jansen


Staying in the 1-1 spot just isn’t Gammon’s style so it’s time for him to beat another detective. Like Gammon, Cam has a photogenic memory so she is rather tough to stop. Still, she doesn’t have as much practical experience as Gammon so I don’t think she will really be able to properly defend herself here. He has the edge in raw power, talent, and speed. When you’re outmatched in all 3 crucial categories like that then I’m afraid that it’s all over. Gammon Sakanoue wins.

Biollante vs Cam Jansen

Cam Jansen may be a very good detective, but that simply won’t be enough for her to take Biollante down. Biollante is a kaiju and that means that she has large amounts of power hidden within. I just don’t see Cam Jansen thinking of a solution to this fight because the gap in their overall ability is just too vast. Biollante wins.

Titanosaurus vs Cam Jansen

Titanosaurus has his sonic beam and he can use it too take down Cam Jansen in one blow. She’s strong, but she can’t take down a giant monster. He’s far too powerful too be defeated by her. She takes a loss, but she’ll be back. She just doesn’t stay down. Cam Jansen will be back. Titanosaurus wins.

Cam Jansen vs Spinosaurus

Cam Jansen may be a good detective, but as a fighter she has no chance of defeating Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus has fought tougher opponents than her and won. Cam Jansen drops down the blog charts with this loss. Spinosaurus will be back soon, and knowing him he’ll probably come back with a win. Spinosaurus wins.

Spica vs Cam Jansen

Cam Jansen once solved the case of the missing pizza. Not many could have. The answer was that they had sat at a differant table the second time so they left there pizza. Spica has more fighting moves but not much since a couple of adults nearly strangled her. Spica wins.

Nancy Drew vs Cam Jansen

Nancy Drew has had her share of fights to know more than Cam Jansen. Cam Jansen is better at being a detective because of her photo memory power. She can remember anything she’s seen in her entire life. Nancy Drew does have a brownie. That will give her victory. Nancy Drew wins.