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Gammon Sakanoue vs Cam Jansen


Staying in the 1-1 spot just isn’t Gammon’s style so it’s time for him to beat another detective. Like Gammon, Cam has a photogenic memory so she is rather tough to stop. Still, she doesn’t have as much practical experience as Gammon so I don’t think she will really be able to properly defend herself here. He has the edge in raw power, talent, and speed. When you’re outmatched in all 3 crucial categories like that then I’m afraid that it’s all over. Gammon Sakanoue wins.

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Gammon Sakanoue vs Bass


Gammon has returned, but when up against the awesome power of Bass no amount of resolve is enough. Gammon isn’t the kind of guy who gives up, but he may as well in this case since Bass is just above him. Bass can absorb any projectile or he can reflect them. He moves faster than the eye can see and blowing up planets is child’s play to him. What can Gammon really hope to do against any of that? He’d need some kind of super puzzle to stop Bass. Bass wins.

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Gammon Sakanoue vs Nate The Great

Gammon is the next puzzle solver to enter the fray. While he may always be a step behind Kaito, he is still a top level intellect. He’s likely among the top 3 solvers and is also in the top 3 givers. He’s a man of many talents even if he ends up making some rather dicey calls towards the end of the series. Either way it’ll all go over Nate’s head here since he just isn’t ready to solve this level of puzzle. His frozen pancakes will have to wait. Gammon Sakanoue wins.