Chun Li vs Lois Lane

Suggested by Destroyer Lois Lane is a powerful fighter as she has obtained Superman’s abilities in the past. With these abilities I don’t see her losing to Chun Li. Chun Li is exceptionally fast and strong however she is ultimately still limited in her abilities. With Superman’s powers on standby Lois should be able to claim a decisive advantage. She can dodge all of Chun Li’s attacks while dishing out powerful counters from a distance. This should be a completely foolproof win strategy or she can also take some risk and meet her head on. Lois Lane wins.

4 thoughts on “Chun Li vs Lois Lane

  1. In most incarnations of Lois, unless she has what non-Kryptonian physical training she got over the decades, She would lose to Chun-Li. Especially if Chun Li gains all the abilities from one-time transformations throughout her appearances. Only Superwoman Lois Lane stands a chance there either.

    • Yeah without her Superwoman form Lois would definitely get stomped here. She had some good hand to hand skills in some continuities but they were never quite at the level of Chun Li. Chun Li’s a fighter who completely mastered her craft while Lois had just stepped into it

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