San (Princess Mononoke) vs Chun Li

Suggested by JHG195 It’s time for San to enter the blog! She is a skilled warrior who has a remarkable amount of agility. If Chun Li hesitates for an instant San will be able to claim victory. However Chun Li is a very experienced hand to hand fighter who will never drop her guard like that. She is simply better at hand to hand combat and also has energy abilities which will amp up her moves and force San on the defensive. San simply won’t be able to break through such a guard. Chun Li wins.

4 thoughts on “San (Princess Mononoke) vs Chun Li

    • San is durable, but Chun Li is just faster and has more attack options. Her Chi really gives her the edge here as well since she can shoot of energy blasts to really keep San at bay

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