Gemini Saga vs Gemini Spark

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Gemini Saga is back and he’s up against Gemini Spark now! Gemini Saga has some pretty intense power, but in the end I think Gemini Spark’s speed may prove to be the deciding edge. Gemini Spark can dodge his attacks while launching many of his own. They’ll weaken Gemini Saga and eventually defeat him. Gemini Spark wins.

36 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Gemini Spark

  1. Gemini Spark’s only ability that would get him anywhere is the ability to rapidly teleport. Gemini Spark rushes at him, charging up an Elec Sword while he is sprinting. He slashes at Gemini Saga, but that was just a fake, to follow up with teleporting behind him, giving a big blow to the head. Gemini Saga is paralyzed for a couple of seconds, which he uses to fire several rocket knuckles to his head. He is blown back, and uses that movement to finish him off with a Gemini Thunder… or so he thinks. Then while Spark is walking away, he burns his Infinite Cosmos, increasing his stats exponentially. He first gets up and while Spark is turning around, he slows down time at a level where it almost freezes. He uses a strong NRG blast to knock spark off his feet. Then he splits him in half with a dimension. Spark could try to create a black hole… Which would only backfire because Gemini Saga controlls Time and Space itself!! He could make the black hole implode or even turn against Spark with a wave of his hand. Also, are you talking about Gemini Spark white or Gemini Spark black? Either would lose against the immense force of Gemini Saga.

    • Rapidly teleporting is all that you really need in a fight sometimes. That….and the ability to never give up while always going for the win.

      In all seriousness, this fight is pretty sketchy because I believe that the fighters are around even. Still, Gemini Spark’s speed should help him claim victory and win to the max! Gemini Saga has a lot of raw power, but not even his defense could stop Gemini Spark

  2. Gemini Saga can create Galaxies, is easily, easily, EASILY a galaxy buster, can just rip a whole through space and time, stated in the Seiyapedia wiki that his NRG beams go faster than light, can stop any living thing’s heart just by thinking it, and can do other cool stuff too. Here’s the difference between Gemini Saga and Gemini Spark: Gemini Spark can paralyze someone by stabbing it with his Elec Sword. Gemini Saga can paralyze someone’s nervous system by thinking it too. He can take away someone’s senses of Smell, Touch, Hearing, Taste, and most importantly, sight by only burning a small amount of Cosmos. He won’t even need to make him blind anyway because he can use Labyrinth of Twins to make a maze around a temple which no-ond can find their way out unless they are blind, which unless Saga did indeed blind them, would not be true. He also has the Saggitarius Gold Cloth which allows him to fly and posess a extreme amount of durability, on top of his god-like powers that he already has. He can rapidly teleport so fast it looks like the air itself is bending. Speaking of which, he can bend and manipulate time and space, but your rule doesn’t allow people to wish him out of exsistence. (Which of course he could do.) he could also trap him in a prison of white-hot light with his Kheiron’s Light Impulse or simply blow up Earth with a Galaxian Explosion or a Atomic Thunderbolt, also an ability of the Sagitarius Cloth.

    • BTW he has infinite Cosmos and Cosmos is the energy that created everything in the Multiverse so he can always burn it so technically he can always get stronger, faster, and more durable then he already is with his CosmosπŸ˜„.

    • The problem is that most of those abilities would not really work here. He couldn’t make Gemini Spark lose his sight just by thinking about it. It would be like how I wouldn’t count Orochimaru’s penetration stare to make Sasuke freeze up. It happened, but there was a decent amount of plot hax involved. I’m not saying that Gemini Spark can’t do this, but it’s just not something that I would really buy. Gemini Saga and Spark can both move at incredible speeds and also deliver lethal strikes. Spark should be able to block his Atomic Thunderbolts with his Electro Sword and then proceed to take him out with a definitive slash. I believe that he could do the same thing to a Galaxian Explosion, but with a lot more effort.

  3. The Electro Sword could not absorb the Atomic Thunderbolt or a Galaxian Explosion. Even if he could try, he might be able to absorb the Thunderbolt, but a Galaxian explosion can shatter planets like they were glass. The shock, heat, NRG, and sheer force would overwhelm him if he even survived the blast, too. He can control his cloth to attack his opponent as well. Also, even if he can’t take away all his senses, he can still use the weaker version of Emperor Fist to Immobilize him for 24 hours. He could still use the Labyrinth Of Twins, to make him wander around aimlessly for hours. How would Spark escape that, huh? And don’t forget his ability to slow down time.

    • I just don’t think that it could overpower his sword. Swords are the best projectile blockers because of how they’re shaped. The Emperor Fist would be tricky, but Saga does need to hit him in order for it to work. Plus, we’re not sure if he would be paralyzed for the full 24 hours or less due to Spark’s incredible power. The Labyrinth could be used to buy Saga some time, but it won’t weaken Spark since he doesn’t need to eat or drink. Spark could just blow up the Labyrinth or just stay put until Saga runs out of energy. Saga can slow down time, but Spark’s immense speed will ensure that it’s still a close fight. As for Gemini Spark, we can’t forget that one slash is really all he needs to unleash a lethal blow.

  4. yep. this is the ones i have difficulty accepting. one cannot simply say (this sword can take this attack) when it has not been proven.
    Gemini can summon a Galactian Explosion with no effort whatsoever. with no movement.
    Gemini Saga can also take away all his senses, because he exists.
    Gemini can simply teleport to another dimension, and use his Universal+ range to attack him without a threat of being attacked. see this is one of the ways Gemini can take down multiple DBZ foes with his dimension control.
    sure they have been able to break reality dimensions, but not travel through them. Gemini would know exactly where to go and which dimension to go to, and could easily avoid the most powerful enemies, such as Cell.
    in my opinion, Spark hasnt a chance in this universe.

    • I would get into the DBZ debate, but that could end up being dicey. For now I will just remind you that Goku was able to blow up a solar system before he got dozens of zenkai boosts and power ups. Nothing can really stop him!

      Gemini Saga has some pretty powerful attacks, but they won’t be enough. The Galactian Explosion has a large range, but it’s relatively slow and dodgable. Gemini Saga can try to take away his senses, but I don’t really buy that power. He could teleport away, but so could Gemini Spark at high speeds and Saga wouldn’t know where to fire his attacks. Spark’s speed is his greatest edge in this fight.

      • Gemini’ stats says he is way, way, way FTL. millions.
        solar system? there are , what, maybe 90 solar systems i na galaxy? and thats underestimating. and gemini is capable of performing the Galactian Explosion without even moving.
        Gemini’ speed must be higher; he can alter TimeSpace around himself to make him travel faster than his enemy. can Spark Control time and space? can Spark travel through dimensions? looks like 90% of your fans are voting for Gemini Saga on this one dude. lol.

      • I’m going to need some proof to see that Gemini is that fast. He’s massively FTL, but we can’t accurately gauge it past that.

        There are countless solar systems in a Galaxy, but Goku could blow it all away. His power is just about limitless and he continues to get stronger every year. Gemini Saga wouldn’t be able to keep up with him. The Galactian Explosion is formidable, but it’s just too slow. I’ve seen it performed before and it’s very easy to dodge the attack. He launches many planets at you in an instant, but you can play hyper speed dodgeball with them and just keep on dodging.

        Spark doesn’t have many fancy abilities, but he makes up for it with raw talent and ability. Try dodging his lightning attacks twice in a row! (Rhetorical) Gemini Spark can alter his em waves to keep on shifting from one plane to another, but I admit that it’s a stall tactic at best. Still, his speed mixed in with his electro sword is really all that he will need. Altering time/space can increase speed to an extent, but not enough to stop Gemini Spark…not yet!

        Also make that 77%…just gave Spark my vote πŸ˜›

  5. lol i found out that the Galactian explosion doesnt hurl planets at you, thats for effect. the Galactian explosion is basically turning an entire Galaxy into energy.
    if one atom is turned into energy, and you can see it from the naked eye, imagine what a paper clip would be. what a human would be. what an entire Galaxy would loook like. that much power… WITHOUT EVEN MOVING! Gemini is a powerful adversary. and it only seems to take a long time, like Goku’s spirit bomb. but in all actuality, the Saint Seyia makers made it long for the effect. if it were in real time, the whole show would likely be over in the first 10 minutes.
    btw unrelated, we (as in me and my brother) have finished the Attack On Titan series. We highly recommend it and they will most likely become a strong part of this blog.

    • I dunno, in the wiki it basically says that it’s a galaxy being hurled at you which results in a powerful and maybe even suicidal attack. I’ll never forget the 5 minute battle with Freeze. It was pretty intense! Still, Spark is fast enough to dodge the attack. It is certainly fast, but not unstoppable.

      I’m currently reading the Attack on Titan manga, but I have to say that I am not a fan. I actually give it a 1/10 so far. It’s just way too violent and dark. I just don’t see what’s so great about it. Well, the Titans are certainly tough…given the right opponents. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare on the good ole blog

  6. Geimini can use Galaxian Explosion with a flick of his finger. Also, from the composite rule, this allows Gemini to use Athena Exclamation which was described as a miniture big bang! If that still didn’t utterly obliterate every cell/atom in his body, he could resort to more inferior tactics, like spamming NRG blasts while switching in between dimensions. Plus, Spark couldn’t spam snything because the legend is true: no attack works twice on one of Athena’s saints. His Elec Sword would have no affect on GeminiThe Labyrinth of Twins wouldn’t have less afrect just because Spark is an extremely above average NetNavi. He couldn’t blow up the labyrinth because (duh) it’s just an illusion so nothing can hurt an illusion. Also, he doesn’t know he’s in an illusion and the walls FEEL as heard as rock but are actually just thin air. Saga could keep him in there for DAYS on end. He could just stall Spark while burning his Cosmos the entire time, so when he finally awakens to the real world, Gemini Spark would be completely outmatched in speed, endurance, stregnth, and all other primitive factors for this battle. Gemini would be bored with him in seconds. After all, he has had a face-off with Hade’s Titans. He could also use his Astral Projection to make 500 Sagas so that he could never tell which one was real, but all of them are firing Thunderbolts and Explosions at him. He would have to dodge every single one, because if he didn’t and the real one hit him, it’s known without a doubt that he would be not only dead, but dead beyond speculation. I agree with OnceUnknown and I believe others do to, so please change what you believe to be the outcome of the battle.

    • Gemini Saga may be powerful, but can he match up against a fellow Gemini? Athena Exclamation is a powerful attack, but it’s basically an all or nothing move. Personally, I just don’t think that it would be worth it for him. While it would likely do serious damage to Gemini Spark, Spark probably wouldn’t be out for the count. He’s just too powerful. His speed is still the biggest reason why I am going for him. Speed can really be the clincher as far as clinchers go.

      Not my best reply since I’m hurrying, but I will make sure that the debate reaches an epic conclusion!

      • take your time, beacause I doubt Spark has any miracle up his sleeve that can destroy Gemini in one move. remember his 7th sense? he comes back, resistant to the thing that killled him.
        so all he has to do is tank every single attack and he would be resistant, and Spark only lives once, so, yeah πŸ™‚ but i am very interested in what your standing is, considering the facts we have laid down. what does Spark have that Gemini Saga doesnt?

    • Totally! I just left my user as ??? Because internet security you nkow how that goes… Gemini Saga pwns this match.

      • I want Dreager to do his best. search all Sparks abilities and put him at his peak. then go against Gemini Saga. i want him to realize that this is Saga’s match.
        ???, what do you think about Gemini Saga vs Goku? who would win in your opinion? it would still be Saga for me.

      • Eh, I can’t say I agree on that one. I’d take Goku FTW here. I mean, that’s like taking a man that is rumored to break any limit (Gemini Saga) with a man who simply does not have any limits to stop him in the first place(Son Goku). In base mode Goku Gemini Saga could prove to be a challenge, but come on!! Even Super SaiyaJinn 1 could destroy Saga. It multiplies his power by a factor of x100!! I have read the entire DBZ Manga and the entire SaintSeiya Manga. I’m not doubting that you didn’t do the same, but if you didn’t read those, you should before you declare Saga the winner. Buu could blast through dimentions, so could Gotenks SSJ3 and even Goku base form as a kid in GT. I don’t want to argue about this, but I really can’t take you seriously and say that Saga could beat Goku. Goku could use Solar Flare to blind Saga and charge up a spirit bomb but it is very likely that he won’t need to. The tenatious Super Saiyan could just spam NRG blasts at a distance. Saga wouldn’t heve time to burn Cosmos with Goku’s rapid style of attacks and even if he burned all the Cosmos he had to become the (supposedly) strongest being in the Multiverse, Goku could just go SSJ4 or even SSJG.(Super Saiyan god) Yes, I want DReager1 to go full-out too. But seriously, Saga is outmatched when it comes to Goku.

  7. yeah yeah, whatever dude lol. Gemini Saga will always be the strongest to me. and i found out about him from this blog; looking up people to fight with. Gemini Saga is ‘my’ fighter lol jk. but yeah, my favorite.

  8. All right, time for the epic Gemini against Gemini response!

    Gemini Saga’s astro projections can be difficult to counter, but Gemini Spark’s main asset is speed. He couldn’t dodge 500 Gemini Saga attacks, but only one of them is the real one. Saga’s attacks are powerful, so Spark will be able to feel that power before the blast hits him and dodge appropriately.

    Gemini Saga’s 7th Sense is tricky, but it’s not limitless. If Gemini Spark completely annihilates him with a thunder sword attack, then he won’t be coming back. Since it is an electrical attack, there is also the chance that it will paralyze him and slow down his 7th Sense ability long enough to finish the job.

    Gemini Saga is no slowpoke so I’m not saying that Spark will completely speedblitz him, but I’m confident that Spark is faster. Speed isn’t everything in a fight, but it does have a lot of sway in a battle. We’ve heard of Saga’s great speed, but he has not displayed an incredible amount of it onscreen. Therefore, he may be faster, but we have yet to see his speed. It’s like the One Above All…we still need to see his power before he can use it.

    The Galactian Explosion is Saga’s big weapon, but Spark will be able to dodge and his Thunder Sword is all that he needs. Having a sword is always a great advantage because one hit can be fatal to just about any opponent. Not even Gemini Saga will be getting up after such an attack. The Gold Saint is still a threat and he’s one of the few fighters to take down 100 opponents I believe, but this is one opponent that he can’t defeat.

  9. Okay, I had time to reply, finally. You’re right. Life can be busy!!

    Gemini Saga’s attacks are instant so he couldn’t “sense” them like they do in DBZ. He can multi-form himself without a power decrease and go at Spark then!! Also, the 7th sense doesn’t work like that. If he killed Saga, he could just build up his sense in the undeworld, and then come back resistant to lightning and electricity. 95% of Gemini Spark’s attacks have those components. Saga is incredibly fast, and has light-speed reflexes. I think in speed they are pretty evenly matched, but Spark has the slight advantage. Even so, he won’t stay faster for long!! Saga could just burn Cosmos while they are fighting, since his gold cloth would protect him from Spark’s basic hack and slash attacks. While Spark is staying at the same speed, Saga would keep on accelerating and accelerating his speed level until Spark isn’t even on par with him in terms of speed. In terms of raw power he isn’t even on par with him BEFORE he burned Cosmos. He could shatter illusions and has such a strong will (πŸ˜ƒ kinda like Goku), he can even fight when his mind is shut down!! Also, he only has 1 weakness. It is that he has a dark side that can take control of him, but has never happened in battle and likely never will. He can manipulate matter and obliterate an entire building with the sheer force of his mind and will. He HAS actually showed some of his speed and is much, much, FTL. Also, Spark couldn’t play hyperspeed dodgeball. That’s not the point of the Galaxian explosion. Where did you get that scan? It’s basically an attak. That is lightspeed and it is stated at full force, it has the power of a Supernova, can deatroy a star itself, and even the power to obliterate a Galaxy, shown in these scans here.

    Did you see that? It tore the Galaxy and even DIMENSION apart!!
    Also, as a last resort, he could also just do the ancient technique “Genromoken” and Spark would be mind controlled. Yes, it will still mind control him even though he is powerful. It has worked on may powerful people before. The only person that it hypothetically MIGHT not work on is another gold Saint. Please change the battle result.

    • incoming “Spark is just too powerful. he would Destroy Gemini Saga and his 7th sense would not be able to bring him back”
      “Spark could easily dodge the Galactian Explosion, since he is faster than light”
      “Spark’s mind is too powerful to control”
      “Saga cannot possibly remove any of Sparks Senses”
      I have fought this battle many times. along with Gemini Saga vs Dark Schneider, Virgo Shaka, etc.
      I have almost completely given up on Changing Dreager’s mind on Saga’s matches until he reads the manga.

  10. @??? Are you sure about the equal power level clones? Cell and Tien had similar abilities, but they typically do lower your power. Whether it just lowers your energy output or everything, it’s extremely rare to create a 100% power duplicate.

    The 7th Sense is a little dicey so I’m not sure about that. If Gemini Spark destroys him, that’s probably it. Spark wouldn’t give him time to train in the underworld and he would vaporize all of the atoms that are left. There would be nothing of Saga left to regenerate.

    The thing with the cosmos is that nothing is unlimited. We can use the feat sthat he had at his best, but we can’t assume that he would become that much stronger. It’s like how Goku’s Kaioken has its own limits. Once you try to surpass those…the character typically blows up. Saga can definitely match Spark in speed or at least move at Spark’s level. The speed difference is minor at best, but I’d still say that its a slight edge for Gemini Spark.

    You’re right about the Galaxian Explosion. It is basically just a focused explosion/blast so it would be extremely hard to Gemini Spark to dodge. He would actually have to focus on blocking/enduring the attack. That would be dangerous and I doubt that he could endure many of those attacks, but Gemini Saga will likely only have time to get off the first show.

    I really don’t think that Spark would be mind controlled. I don’t believe that anyone could be mind controlled if they have strength of character and on the blog….all of them have strength of character. Taking away Spark’s 5 senses is a no dice as well.

    The Gold Armor does give Gemini Saga a lot of protection, but it wouldn’t block the sword. Its best against energy attacks and basically nullifies them, but Gemini Spark’s sword could pierce it and deal critical damage. Coupled with Spark’s immense speed, I still have to give him the match, but I’ll admit that it’s a very close match, almost 50/50.

    @OnceUnknown I prefer to think of it as DReager, but Dreager is fine…I do plan on reading the manga, but it’s so rare and it’s something that I want to read the physical version as opposed to online. Still, I’ve started some other manga in the meantime. Bakuman, Attack on Titan (Not my favorite…..) both Attack on Titan spinoffs, etc. At some point I’m sure that I’ll get around to Saint Seiya. Plus, most of those quotes that you just used are valid πŸ˜‰

    • Gah! Told you.
      All we need to do is find Spark at his fastest point measured ( MEASURED )
      And compare it to Saga’s max speed MEASURED. Ever recorded. I could have ran 3 miles in 2 seconds but i never put it on record. Thas just a small example of a falacy? I think thats what its called.
      And trust me i meant no offense by Dreager. I will try to start saying DReager from now on. Dr. Eager. Lol.
      Study up on the 7th sense. You can be completely obliterated, and still come back.
      And even so, spark just doesnthave the ability to destroy every atom in Gemini saga.

      • Don’t worry about it man, everyone spells it as Dreager for some reason. I’m cool with it. Eager was actually a nickname that I had on another site wayyyyyy long ago…. DReager, Dreager. dreager, DReager1, Dreager1, etc- I’m fine with them all.

        Nothing can come back from being completely obliterated. I’d say that this is almost a fact at this point. Even Majin Buu needs to have some molecules or smoke to come back from. I don’t believe in regeneration from nothing. Spark just needs a powerful slash/stab and a good thunder attack to make things interesting and obliterate Saga. It will be tough because of the speed….but achieveable.

        As for logical fallacies, those can be hard to avoid, but using high end feats shouldn’t be a fallacy. As for the 3 miles…well, we would need proof of that πŸ˜‰

      • I am exausted. i have done everything in my power to explain my point nad it does no good lol.
        btw i found out the only difference between the 7th sense and the 8th sense is that the 7th sense is active in the world while the 8th sense is active in the underworld.
        basically, Virgo shaka can die in hell and come back in hell. Gemini can die in the world and come back in the world. virgo is the only one to get the 8th sense because he was the only one to die; and he chose to lose one of his senses *sight* to gain the 8th sense.

      • Sounds like gaining the 8th sense is pretty risky. Still, with great power comes great responsibility and now Virgo Shaka has that to think about. No worries, I still do plan to read the manga at some point and maybe things will get flipped around…maybe πŸ˜‰

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