Gemini Spark vs Copy X

Gemini Spark is back and this time he’s up against Copy X! Copy X has a lot of different projectiles which help him a lot. He can keep spamming them until he hits. Gemini Spark is tough and fast, but I doubt he could dodge all of the firepower that Copy X has at his disposal. Gemini Spark drops down the ranks with this loss. Copy X wins.

Mewtwo vs Gemini Spark

Gemini Spark is extremely fast and with one slash can cause some massive damage! Mewtwo is definitely strong, but in the end he’s not strong enough to take down Gemini Spark. Mewtwo’s shadow balls are impressive, but Gemini Spark could slash it away with his sword and counter with thunder. Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Spark vs Lazerman

I think it’s safe to say that this just got real! Lazerman’s back after a hard loss, but instead of finding comfort with an easy win, it’s time for another loss. Gemini Spark is just too fast and with his sword abilities Lazerman just didn’t stand a chance. Gemini Spark rises up the ranks with this win. Gemini Spark wins.