Despero vs Dr Fate

Suggested by Sonic Dr Fate is a master of magic and still has a lot of good spells at the ready but he won’t be able to defeat Despero. What gets in Fate’s way here is just how unbelievably powerful Despero is. His physical strength is enough where he can just barrel through the spells and as soon as he makes contact then it is over. Dr Fate can use run and gun strategies to drag the fight out a bit but he will go down in the end. Despero wins.

Superman vs Despero

Despero is one of the strongest DC villains out there. He has been shown to have enough power to take on the combined might of Superman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman in the past. That being said, at Superman’s best he will be more than a match for Despero. I’d give Superman the edge in strength and speed. His abilities really have no limits and that is exactly what makes Superman the best. He will always prove to be faster and stronger than his opponents. Superman wins.

Chi Chi vs Despero

Suggested by iKnowledge Chi Chi used to be quite the fighter when she was a kid. Unfortunately she basically stopped fighting as she grew up and so she unfortunately never got much of a power level. Meanwhile Despero is a very strong villain who has gone up against Superman in the past. I actually think Chi Chi won’t be able to match his power and I’m not even sure if she can outspeed him. If only she had gone Super Saiyan at some point. Despero wins.