Despero vs Dr Fate

Suggested by Sonic Dr Fate is a master of magic and still has a lot of good spells at the ready but he won’t be able to defeat Despero. What gets in Fate’s way here is just how unbelievably powerful Despero is. His physical strength is enough where he can just barrel through the spells and as soon as he makes contact then it is over. Dr Fate can use run and gun strategies to drag the fight out a bit but he will go down in the end. Despero wins.

Dr Fate vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the Curse of Michael Myers. At the end of the day Myers may take a lot of noncombatants down but he always gets foiled in the end. He may have super strength but he doesn’t use tactics in his fights and won’t win the big ones. Dr Fate should be able to quickly take him down with a few powerful magical blasts. There isn’t a way to get around those and Myers will quickly be out of his depth. He doesn’t have the speed to dodge them. Dr Fate wins.

Dr Fate vs Orochimaru

Suggested by iKnowledge Dr Fate returns but now he is up against one of the Legendary Sannin. Orochimaru may typically fight from afar or using trickery with his snakes but he is quite adept at close quarters combat as well. Fate is skilled but not enough so where he would be able to do much against an opponent like this. Orochimaru can slip past all of his magical blasts and quickly destroy him with a venomous bite. His sheer speed would be too great for Fate. Orochimaru wins.

Phobos (Starfighter) vs Dr Fate

Suggested by iKnowledge Phobos is a tricky fellow that you can’t really trust. He may aid the heroes at times or become a villain depending on the choices you make in the Starfighter visual novel. Either way he won’t be able to beat Dr Fate though. Fate is criminally underrated when you think about it and he has very advanced magical abilities. It’s fare to say that he is on Dr Strange’s level and a single solid magic blast will end Phobos here. Phobos just wouldn’t be able to dodge, there isn’t a ship alive that can survive Fate’s magic. Dr Fate wins.