Dr Fate vs Orochimaru

Suggested by iKnowledge Dr Fate returns but now he is up against one of the Legendary Sannin. Orochimaru may typically fight from afar or using trickery with his snakes but he is quite adept at close quarters combat as well. Fate is skilled but not enough so where he would be able to do much against an opponent like this. Orochimaru can slip past all of his magical blasts and quickly destroy him with a venomous bite. His sheer speed would be too great for Fate. Orochimaru wins.

4 thoughts on “Dr Fate vs Orochimaru

  1. Considering how Dr. Fate is a team member the Justice League relies on for arcane encounters, I think Dr. Fate in his powers, has more of a chance than you may think against Orochimaru. I also say that because of this: http://www.impulsegamer.com/fate/kcfate.htm#:~:text=During%20the%20Elseworlds%20series%20Kingdom%20Come%2C%20Batman%27s%20team,and%20the%20Cape%20of%20Fate%20are%20still%20intact., it takes power to survive something that occurred as a result of Superman and Captain Marvel/Shazam fighting.

    • For sure Dr Fate is incredibly powerful. If given enough time I do think he could focus his energies and deliver an attack that Orochimaru could not survive. That said, Orochimaru is a lot faster so I don’t think he will give Fate that kind of time. Fate’s not good for hand to hand so once you get past his magic that’s it.

  2. The speed should be little issue, because he’s worked with, and fought beings fast enough to keep up with various Flashes, and given how fast the Flashes are, I think Dr. Fate has more of a chance than you think.

    • Fate definitely has dealt with really fast fighters but when going directly it tends to not go as well. Flash really speed blitzed him back in Justice League because of the difference in speed and with no distractions I think it would be hard for Fate to escape Orochimaru as well

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