Dr Fate vs Michael Myers

This is a tribute to the Curse of Michael Myers. At the end of the day Myers may take a lot of noncombatants down but he always gets foiled in the end. He may have super strength but he doesn’t use tactics in his fights and won’t win the big ones. Dr Fate should be able to quickly take him down with a few powerful magical blasts. There isn’t a way to get around those and Myers will quickly be out of his depth. He doesn’t have the speed to dodge them. Dr Fate wins.

2 thoughts on “Dr Fate vs Michael Myers

  1. Dr. Fate has faced beings more intelligent than Michael before. He’s sleeping with Inza in no time at all. Also, are you willing to change the Dr. Fate vs Orochimaru battle’s verdict based on the “Black Adam” movie being out and all?

    • It would be Myers’ fate to be defeated by Dr Fate here. He’s just too powerful. That said, I think Orochimaru should still win with the speed advantage at this point. As strong as Fate is, he won’t be able to keep up with Orochimaru’s speed.

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