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Kushina vs Chi Chi

Kushina is back and now she’s up against Chi Chi! Chi Chi is a lot faster and stronger than Kushina, not to mention that she also has better techniques. One good energy blast should take Kushina down. Kushina’s gonna have to think fast if she wants to break her losing streak! Chi Chi wins.

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Kushina vs Ino

Kushina and Ino are both ninjas who know their basic hand to hand combat skills. I’d say that Ino has the advantage in this round. She’s taken on Akatsuki and immensely powerful beings back in her day. Kushina never really got to test her mettle against a powerful opponent. Ino wins.

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Kushina vs Bass

Kushina is back, but this time she’s up against the supremely powerful Bass! Bass never loses, but you’ve probably already noticed that! With one blast Bass can do some pretty massive damage to just about anyone that he wants too. One day Bass will rise to 300 wins, but for now he has this win. Bass wins.

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Kushina vs One Above All

The One Above All is a being of intense power! Or so he thinks. While the One Above All always tries to look cool, he was never quite as powerful as someone like Kushina. She just needs one kunai to take the One Above All down hard! Maybe one day he’ll be back to pwn. Kushina wins.