Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Minato

Suggested by Anonymous Minato was known as the Yellow Flash because of fast he was. The guy can move almost instantly to any place he has left a marker. It’s a very impressive skill to be sure and it makes him a threat but that’s just not enough in this round. Minato would need some powerful Ninjutsu to even make a dent in this guy. Isshiki Otsutsuki wins.

Hashirama vs Minato

Hashirama_Senju (1)
This is a fierce battle of legends since Minato and Hashirama are both very powerful. Hashirama has several ninjutsu of incredible size and power, which would prove to be tough to stop. That being said, he may have gotten a lot of hype and a sound reputation, but a good deal of it occurs from off screen feats. Minato is more of a speed fighter and he has a lot of powerful abilities as well. His teleporting jutsu can turn the tides in battle and he is able to augment his physical strength to top things off. Hashirama will not be able to defeat him, but it would be a very close fight. Minato wins.

Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Minato

Minato is known as the greatest Hokage of all time and he definitely lives up to this reputation. Hiruzen may know a lot of different ninjutsu, but that can’t completely compensate for his lack of speed and power. We never really got to see him fight seriously while he was still in the peak of his youth, but I don’t believe that he would have been able to defeat Minato. Minato wins.

Minato vs Bulma

Minato has super speed and his hand to hand skills are pretty good. Bulma’s pretty smart, but in the end that won’t save her. Minato is just too good of a fighter and he doesn’t lose so easily! Minato wins this round with a single blow and rises up the blog ranks. Minato wins.

Fu (Naruto) vs Minato

Minato is back and he’s going to use his ninja skills to show the world who’s boss. Fu (Naruto) may be a skilled shinobi, but he won’t be able to take down Minato. Minato is too powerful and with this win he rises up the blog ranks. Fu (Naruto) may be back someday. Minato wins.

Kushina vs Minato

Kushina is back, but this time she’s against Minato! Minato is pretty tough and thanks to his legendary speed he takes the win. He has a lot of impressive abilities and was known as one of the greatest ninja of all time for a reason! With this win Minato rises up the ranks. Minato wins.

Minato vs Madara

Madara is back and this time he’s up against Minato! Minato definitely has the speed advantage in this round, but Madara has the sharingan. With it he can summon his monster and use a lot of Genjutsu’s. Madara’s also skilled at ninjutsu. Minato’s strong, but I don’t think he can win here. Madara wins.

Minato vs Gemini Saga

This is a pretty close fight. I haven’t gotten to read or watch Saint Seiya which is good/bad for Gemini Saga. For Minato, I already know all of his tricks. He’s incredibly fast and powerful. Gemini Saga is a tough customer and for now he takes the win. Minato will have to get a win some other time. Gemini Saga wins.

Naruto vs Minato

Minato was once known as the fastest ninja ever. His speed was incredible, with that teleporting kunai jutsu he could be pretty much anywhere, any time. Of course Naruto relies on natural speed and it’s done him pretty good so far. Naruto’s one of the greatest modern ninja and Minato may be the greatest old ninja. Still, Minato didn’t have the Nine Tailed Fox inside of him. This helps give Naruto the edge he needed to take the win. Naruto wins.