Shaggy Man vs Batman

The Shaggy Man has returned one last time to face off against the Dark Knight. I’m afraid that this round won’t end very well for him though since Batman has obtained many abilities over the years. His GL Power Ring will likely be enough to win this fight though as a few quick blasts of energy will knock the fight out of the Shaggy Man. He just isn’t agile enough to dodge or fast enough to counter attack. Batman wins.


Shaggy Man vs Superman

The Shaggy Man has returned, but now he is up against the Man of Steel. If you thought that the last battle was tough for Shaggy, then this one is even more brutal. Superman can end the planet with a single punch and then there wouldn’t be much left for Shaggy Man. He can’t hope to win a battle in space so I’m afraid that it’s over for this android. Better luck next time. Superman wins.

Shaggy Man vs Green Lantern

The Shaggy Man is one of those villains that is easy to forget about. He never quite hit it off with most DC fans and was essentially replaced entirely with Amazo. Still, this guy hits like a truck and can withstand a lot of punishment. Green Lantern will have to take the kid gloves off if he wants to win this round, but I believe he can certainly pull such a victory off. His abilities are limited only by his imagination after all. Green Lantern wins.