Mario vs Ryu

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Mario is powerful, but I don’t see him being able to stand up to someone like Ryu for very long. Ryu has gone toe to toe with Akuma and while he is typically a little outmatched, Ryu makes things interesting. His Shoryuken makes for a very powerful technique and a few good punches will even get Mario to back down for a while. I just don’t think that Mario can keep up with this powerful Street Fighter for very long. Ryu wins.

26 thoughts on “Mario vs Ryu

  1. im gonna go with mario for the win here. Ryu’s shoryuken wouldn’t do anything against mario, because he could use his cape to reflect it back at ryu. Also, mario has better speed than ryu. Furthermore, mario has his F.L.U.U.D back pack, with it he could keep ryu at a distance, and to top it all off, mario has his final smash, mario finale. In hand to hand combat, i think mario is better due to his fighting experience.

    • Well, you do make a good case for Mario. If not for the Asura’s Wrath games, it would definitely be a lot closer. In terms of SSB gameplay, it can go either way.

  2. mario is better in my opinion, because ryu is a good karate fighter (or whatever fighting style he uses, they seem to be all over the map) but mario is pretty darn good with a sword as we see in mario and sonic at the winter games. Also, mario has both the super star wich make him invulnerable for a few seconds, and the giant mushroom that turns him into a giant. Also, mario has his flight hat from new super mario bros. wii.

    • That’s true, a Giant Invincible Mario is certainly a fighter to watch out for. Ryu would have a tough time with him, but then again, Ryu has his demon mode which really amps up his fighting skills. His Shoryuken could potentially damage Mario in any state!

  3. Now that i think about it, Ryu does have two final smash’s at his disposal. And Ryu could just throw mario if he got too close to him, then fallow up with a few shoryuken blasts. After mario has taken enough damage, ryu could then spam his final smash’s, or just go for good ol’ fashioned uppercut.

    • Yes, those really tip the scales since they’re so good. It would be cool if you could manually switch between them in the game, but the A.I. is typically good at deciding which one to use based on the distance.

  4. Lol Ryu is nothing compared to Mario, Mario has beaten beings that could destroy multiple universes at once, no one in street fighter is even planet level, Ryu is also a slug, Mario is fast enough to dodge lighting, run up walls, and reacts to very fast things, while Ryu can’t even run over five miles also Mario can lift a castle, stomp on giant creature’s and machines, can jump on top of a castle and make it collapse with just hi butt, so if you really think Mario can’t fight Ryu then either you’re bias or you don’t do research

      • …You do know that Mario has taken on Multiverse level threats before, right?

      • Mario has never lost to a street level character. He’s defeated beings ranging from Star-Low Multiverse levels of power numerous times. Plus he’s far faster and is way more haxxed than Ryu is

      • Mario gets wrecked by everyone. In Super Smash he got one shotted by Petey Piranha. I like Mario but he’s never been as powerful as everyone thinks he is

      • Smash Bros isn’t even canon. Mario is as strong as people say he is. He’s taken on Multiversal threats like Dimentio. Ryu at best fought Asura in his six armed form which is Star level. Combine that with the fact that Mario is far faster and has way more hax and Ryu would get obliterated

      • Smash isn’t canon but that’s why it’s crazy how accurately it shows the power levels. We can take a look at the cutscenes in Sunshine or Galaxy though. Mario was unable to react to a basic energy blast and got outran by someone who doesn’t even have superhuman speed. Trust me, the turn based games make him sound more powerful than he is but Mario’s just not that skilled

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