Marshmallow Man vs Vineman

Suggested by Sonic The Marshmallow Man is definitely someone that you could quickly learn to fear because of how scary and formidable he is. The guy just doesn’t back down and he’s got the size advantage on Vineman. It won’t be enough to overcome Vineman’s darkness though and his thorn abilities would quickly eat away at this giant’s defense. Vineman is also quick enough to dodge all of this guy’s attacks so he’ll get a comfortable win. Vineman wins.

Vineman vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Vineman was a surprisingly impressive darkloid who gave Megaman a lot of trouble. Even once the fire fighters were brought up against him, Vineman stood tall. Elecman is fast but he has only shown that speed once and got railroaded in all of his other fights. Is he really as quick as I suspect? I always have a little doubt with this and so I have to say that Vineman’s array of attacks will win the day. Vineman wins.

Bass vs Vineman

Requested by Blake Vineman is a tricky customer. His physical abilities are fairly decent and even Megaman had a tough time with this guy. That being said, he is up against Bass here so the outcome is all but inevitable. There is nothing Vineman can do to even injure Bass, let alone defeat him. Bass has accumulated many wins over the years so I can’t picture him being defeated anytime soon. That’s just how strong he is. Maybe Vineman will have better luck with his next opponent. Bass wins.

Protoman vs Vineman

Protoman is back and this time he’s up against Vineman! Vineman’s a tough navi and with his plant powers took down World 3 back in the good Axess days. In the manga he’s possibly even tougher and was beating Protoman! He has help, but if they were to fight now Vineman would be doomed. Protoman’s too fast and strong. Protoman wins.

Vineman vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder is back, but this time it’s for a loss. Vineman has his Plant Weed attack that would try and consume Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder wouldn’t lose to that attack, but in the end he’d still get taken down. Vineman has his Dark Barrier, plus his Vine Barrier to protect himself until Tengu Shredder dies. Vineman wins.

Vineman vs Woodman

The big wood navi fight. Woodman and Vineman’s one and only fight so far. Vineman was able to defeat Heatman and Megaman. At the end he only lost to main character cheesyness. Woodman couldn’t beat Stoneman or Blasterman. He didn’t even get one hit that did damage. Vineman wins.