Libra Scales vs Woodman

Woodman is tough, but he can’t stand up to Libra Scales. Libra Scales has the speed advantage and with his fire abilities, Woodman doesn’t stand a chance. Woodman’s wood towers would crumble under the might of the mighty Libra Scales! Libra Scales rises up the ranks with this win. Libra Scales wins.

Shuko vs Woodman

Woodman has wood powers that would leave Shuko defenseless. Her Spoutman can’t take care of attacks of that magnitude. As for her, she lacks the hand to hand skills and speed needed to take down Woodman. It would pretty much be impossible for her to defeat him. Woodman gets a solid win and moves up in the world. Woodman wins.

Sharkman vs Woodman

Woodman is back, but he’s back for yet another loss. He just didn’t have what it takes to defeat Sharkman. Sharkman is too quick for him and would win with a couple of well placed water towers. Woodman is out of the arc, but Sharkman has one more match to fight. Sharkman wins.

Skullman vs Woodman

The start of the Net Agents netnavies Trilogy is here.Skullman is faster and stronger than Woodman. Woodman may try to be a super strong fighter, but in the end he just didn’t have what it takes. To win you have to be as strong as can be. Woodman takes a loss, but he’ll be back. Skullman wins.

Vineman vs Woodman

The big wood navi fight. Woodman and Vineman’s one and only fight so far. Vineman was able to defeat Heatman and Megaman. At the end he only lost to main character cheesyness. Woodman couldn’t beat Stoneman or Blasterman. He didn’t even get one hit that did damage. Vineman wins.